How should we replace the Apple Podcasts Chart?



In the latest poll news. Spotify has announced sound up bootcamp, Australia for aspiring podcasters who identifies aboriginal or Torres Strait islanders to take part in a four day residential podcasting workshop to be held in Sydney in November, signed up, bootcamp, US received over eighteen thousand applications. Earlier this year, mid roll has released the newest version of the company's listener survey, Eighty-one percent of minerals. Listeners, pay attention to podcast ads, seventy two percent of people who've listened to podcasts for more than four years have bought from podcast advertises as lots more data. Jacob Weisberg is leaving slate probably best known to podcast listeners as the co host of Trump cast. He's off to work with Malcolm plant wells, new audio venture kost podcasts. Now valuable for distribution on Spotify. The company has announced we understand that Acosta ads will benefit from pass through so acoss can still use dynamic. Ads in that content rather than Spotify cashing all of their audience. The apple podcast shot is screwed. How should we replace it as the title of an editorial from pod news is editor James Cridland. That's me highlighting some recent activity around manipulation of the chart, including a Twitter threat from Kevin Goldberg. The question I say is whether we can get a truly global replacement for the apple podcast chart. One less susceptible to being cheated one more Representative of the industry as a whole, a one that is just as acceptable for passion podcasters as for the backs podcast publishes

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