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KOMO AAA traffic. So in addition to a very difficult commute in many areas. We also have many issues so into Kuala northbound four zero five just past the valley highway the right lane is blocked with a crash. That's why it is stop and go traffic from Southcenter boulevard. The state patrol is. They're they're the ones that are actually still blocking that right lane. The crashes actually mostly off to the side. So they are working on getting it out of there. But it makes it difficult to exit to I fi- four or five rather from I five we also have in west Seattle on the west Seattle bridge westbound on del Ridgway the off ramp is partially blocked by a crash in magnolia neighborhood. Thorndike long-term investigation has affected thorn. Doc avenue. It's closed both directions between Crockett and twenty-second. So drivers are advised to avoid that stretch of Thorndike plus buses are being rerouted around the closure in that area in Bremerton, the Warren avenue bridge. There is a crash blocking all lanes both directions. Northbound traffic is backed up to highway three or four. Southbound traffic is backed up to share it in Rhode. We also have a very heavy conditions. If you are trying to get to Everett this afternoon, it's difficult for the Boeing freeway and then had past highway to all the way up towards Marysville. Your.

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