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Giant steak just when you thinking like that what are you? Discover you discovered at the New York Giants still have a little bit of life in them. If that's how you wanna look at it ally. Manning leads a game winning drive got back pages talking about, you know, the era that change in ariz- from and moving beyond ally. We may have spoken to soon. Allies still hasn't blah, blah, blah lays man for less than two hundred yards. He threw for less than two hundred yards. This is see See it. it. We're going to be honest about it. That's what we gotta do pay attention to this kind of stuff. He manning did not look bad last night. But in knock anybody socks off ally. Manning. Completed nineteen thirty one passes for a hundred and eighty eight yards three touchdowns. Not an exception. Only sacked wants. And you just look down a list. And what does this come down to this comes down to a question? And as only a two part ants, what you happy about what you saw from Ila Odell Beckham junior saquon Barkley and a crew or do you find yourself sitting here today thinking that the New York Giants are the biggest idiots the NFL has seen in quite some time. Because the reality is that if you want the number one overall pick in the NFL draft, you don't go out there. Having just one win on the season and beat a one win eight you're battling for purgatory. You're battling for up two. You're bad. You're battling to be recognized as the very worst there by being the team that needs the most help. That's why you would get the number one overall pick this supposed to be doing. Now, some people say, well, Stephen they wanted as opposed to do I agree with that. What are you supposed to do if L Beckham was targeted eleven? By the way, and all you have four receptors seventy three yards albeit touchdowns, but Beckham Julia and saquon Barkley out on a field, you should be trying to win football games. However, if you wanna lose on purpose why you plan any of them. Why don't you bitch alive down? Why are you holding a traffic violation against kala? Let backup quarterback who the hell cares. Now granted I'm not advocated that he was right to break the laws certainly not to try run over police. That's just quite stupid. But let's be really what trying to run over to police lays gentlemen, I'm very very familiar with this route that he takes I'd take that route all the time four ninety five and sometimes they barricade or ward off these certain roles that allow you to get to destinations quicker, but take your leeann rush hour traffic, personally speaking, I think the letter tobacco quarterback has gotten a bad rep.

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