Atlético Madrid 1-1 Barcelona – as it happened



We start in Lalita the Spanish capital Madrid taking on Barcelona right atmosphere. The match certainly didn't match that terrible. Forty seven minutes on the clock should've been a red conflict the cost for the elbow. Will he goes in strong? As always does. I'm not sure I will give him a red card for that. I think he's drawn a ball to the player of the bone going for the face, but he stays on the field. And he scores are brilliant goal from a set play good movement seniors the plan marketing, he gets round the back the deliveries. Absolutely perfect. It's real world on the training field to stay either. And could do a lot better. Why does he is nearly done? I think he feels the cost is going to go down. All these feet, but he's gotta stay that little bit higher. It's not a good safe from the goalkeeper. But a really good headed from the cost rarely lasts ten minutes. This game got going. It'd be then valet. He'll get equalizer. You have to give a bit of credit for the bullet was played out to look because it was going to get away from messy here. But he just toe-poked it only defender, and he does well just to have that composure. He gives a bit of luck hits the goalkeeper's lakes all black and then defend on the line. And then there's couldn't keep it out. So it spoil shed. Let's come Trent one that boss alone. No one. I think he probably offered this results. Both teams at the start in the match. They've probably taken there's not really too much to say about the game. Because it was really that Goodwill's. You know, if you're looking at Athletico Madrid game against boss load. And you said what has it gonna go? You'd say exactly what happened athletic Madrid defended. Well, all over the field. They made it difficult. They didn't leave too many spices. But they didn't really look threatening themselves and on couldn't find those little pockets of space to make things happen one or two. Applies. They're very messy couldn't really get involved in the game Suarez up. It was poor throughout but there wasn't enough creativity. And there was a lot of plaque in. There was a lot of fouls. There was a lot trying to calm the referee. And that was probably the biggest influence on the

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