What the heck can you do with 16 cameras on your phone? (The 3:59, Ep. 493)

The 3:59


Today's three fifty nine is sponsored by player. Unknowns. Battleground mobile pudgy mobile is an on the go battle royale at its greatest with eyepopping graphics, super smooth gameplay and a variety of exciting play modes. Download the official mobile version of pub G four free go to your Android app store and type g mobile and collect a special reward using the promo code H. O L z X nine C code also listed in the episode description play now. Welcome to the tonight on Roger James. I'm out for dang. Remember what it was enough to have a single camera on your phone? Well, those days are long gone apple kicked off the two lens trend wa L G at three lenses to a phone this share Samson's posts add six guys see us ten next year. LG has of even more extreme sixteen lenses. Look at this. Configuration. Wow. What do you think it looks like Swiss cheese on the back of your phone? Sixteen cameras, right? That's got to be like at least eight times better than the iphone. I don't know if that's how the math works. But I mean, I look at it. And I just think you know, how like we've always talked about how there's a lack of innovation in phone s like forms like, you know, it's been this kind of like square screen for a really long time. And then I love that all these phone makers are basically just like, you know, what would we do to shake things up sixteen cameras? It's just more and more cameras until the full thing, it's a rubik's cube. Where each block is just a camera while we did Samsung did show off actually are is selling a phone with four camera lenses in the back. So it's not implausible than that. These camera makers are just trying to add more and more lenses. This is an interesting it's a four by four grid configuration. It's it's kind of done in a circular formation. So I guess it would be better for three d imagery. I wonder what like each lens would be doing. And so with dulas, you know, one is to capture the background in one four ground for a better bouquet affect. I'm very curious. So is this like one is for specifically like lighting one is four specifically like, no, I think it's it's to take sort of these multi perspective photos, or you can change the angle maybe moving around and come in a three D kind of affect way. I don't know. It's weird. It's crazy. But you know, what it industry that is kind of lacking in innovation six, maybe sixteen cameras is it. Yeah. Speaking of wearing crazy, Elon Musk today, basically mentioned that he there's a seventy percent chance that who moved to Mars. And a little bit weird and crazy center on axios on HBO on Sunday night. I mean, we we know about SpaceX we know about their whole like space exploration mission. I mean, he lost you musk on Mars. I mean, good. He should go to Mars. The big me as long as Twitter's on Mars. I think that'd be good for him. I mean, I don't know how the Tesla's there would work or us solar city. I don't know how much sunlight Mars gets. I don't know much about space. He was talking by sort of referencing the progress that SpaceX has been making on, you know, rocket technology and actually getting people to Mars spin a long-term gold his for while. He has this starship. I guess it was formerly known as the far and not been FOX ribbon. But apparently, it's gonna cost couple hundred thousand dollars snag a seat there. Either way just kind of a weird. I mean, what's the percentage that you would move to Mars premiums zero. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm going with zero. And pretty sure that's the case. Yeah. Okay. I mean, the less some sort of like zombie apocalypse hits earth. Right. There's not real reason to move to Mars. Yeah. You got a good place. Here real estate is looking very charming on the left side of Mars. Well, there you go. And you know, what the way real estate prices are going maybe Mars, maybe the w- the way to go or lastly, please check out our site for all of the many many cyber Monday deals. They're out there. We've just got wall to wall coverage on some investors out there. Dave casper in particular has a great feature on some of the best TV's. We've got some deals on intendo. Switch bundles controllers educating no Friday cited ni-, I looked at stuff. But I've been following the rule that if I were not looking for it originally, I'm not really saving money. That's a good rule to have. I think I caught onto red dead presumption to cut a deal with that. And if you're looking for that, so yes makes sense. But yes, check on our site. That's all for now. This coverage Chickasaw CNN Roger Chan, I'm offering listening.

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