Ron DeSantis, Andrew Gillum bash each other in first Florida governor's race debate


Of northwest, Florida. I will be there for you. You guys are resilient. You're fighting. This was a terrible storm, and we will rebuild. But I also think you have to just look at facts the fact that you look at south Florida, we need to do resiliency. You have more water you have what ding. So as governor. That's something that I'm going to take on full throttle. What I don't want to do is do what things like Andrew wants to do is do a California style energy policy that will cause our electricity rates to skyrocket. Twenty thirty percent. That's going to hurt senior citizens on a fixed income that'll hurt are blue collar workers. So let's deal with the issues that we can deal with. I'm somebody who has a plan to fix to stop the toxic algae that's been spewing into our rivers to divert that south of the lake restore the Everglades and restore Florida bay. We can get that. Don, I think I'm the candidate that can get that done. And I think now's the time to do it. Because if we don't take action over the next four years, I don't know if we're ever going to be able to restore the Everglades, so their rightful place Maryville. Well, I with Florida voters need to know is that when they elect me governor, they don't have a governor who believes in science, which we haven't had for quite some time in this state. I'm not sure what is so California about believing that the state of Florida lead in solar energy with notice the sunshine state at the very least what we can do is be a global leader. Here. We got to Seattle forty nine states of what to do. And what it means to have a state that quite frankly leans into the challenges of the green economy in bills one and at the same time bills and economy that lasts. I'm proud that the same week that Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris accord, I broke ground in my city on a one hundred and twenty acre solar farm tripling the amount of solar energy that we produce. We're prepared to lead and we've done so in my city, and we'll do so for the state now the two scuffled on the economy race in President Trump. As well.

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