Could your DNA help solve a cold case?


Cold case investigator pole holes pursue a final gamut using an alias. He submitted the killers DNA to an obscure public database called jed match popular with genealogy enthusiasts and good at finding family members. If we can't find him can we find somebody related to him and then work our way back to him. And ultimately, that's what we did. And it worked after months of research and investigation the twisted strands of family DNA lead them to the doorstep of one of their own a retired police officer my detectives arrested, James. Joseph Di Angelo seventy two years old living in citrus heights. Thirties had served tissue obtained a fresh DNA sample from the Angelo. And according to the arrest warrant, it was an identical match to that of the Golden State killer. Cincinnati very first case in April local law enforcement agencies around the country. If used the technique to make arrests in at least eleven other cold cases, all of them would still be cold. If it weren't for Curtis. Rodgers retired octogenarian in lake worth Florida who runs the largest public DNA database in the US out of this really room bungalow. This is our headquarters for jed match. This is it this is it. It was built nineteen twenty five how many employees do you know, Rogers, retired Quaker Oats executive in genealogy. Buff distorted jed match eight years ago is a hobby along with his partner, John Olsen and accomplished computer engineer in Texas. These are all first cousins they wanted to. Provide a free open source website where people could upload their DNA file in search for relatives. And ancestors, did you know the police were using this to solve crimes not at all? There was an Email from one of our users to said jed match was involved and find the Golden State killer. That was the first I knew of my world turned upside down at that point. In what way by the time? I got to work. There were satellite trucks up and down. This little narrow street that were on you see that yellow house over there with the blue shutters. There were reporters knocking on the door. It was you know, what do I do? We were upset. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. About what about whether we're invading our user juicers privacy, in some way, that they had no expectation of it being invaded jed matches policy statement, which had already cautioned that the public site might be used for purposes. Other than genealogy notified it's a community that people could withdraw their file if they didn't want their DNA used by police to solve crimes. So the blue indicates that there's match there while it's office in Florida is spurting it's computer servers in an Oregon data center are not they can compare six hundred thousand separate

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