Openings to start in college basketball recruitment trial


In the biosphere of college. Basketball, buying players for universities. The amounts are hardly eye-popping tens, and in some cases, one hundred thousand dollars. The tactics are pretty crude and familiar, but there are a lot of names and figures and text messages at its core. Dan, this is about universities as I said, buying the service of basketball players, but that's now the government is framing the case, is it? No, they are framing the universities as victims here in that by paying players family, you render that player ineligible and university would never give a scholarship to an ineligible player and by playing that ineligible player, unbeknownst the school, they would potentially. Incur the wrath of the NCAA which could punish them financially and other sanctions and vacated wins. And all of that, obviously, the other side says, are you kidding me? We're giving we're helping school, get a five star basketball player so they can win. We are helping not harming these universities and we're really working at either the spoken or implied consent of the. Of the basketball coaches who to them represent the university. So that's really the heart of the case right there. And my your book focuses on one of those coaches, Rick Pitino, and some of the players who entered his orbit and are part of this trial. One is a young guy named tugs Bowen, Brian Bowen, junior, I don't wanna get blinded by the details of his case, but the story is pretty Representative not only of the prosecution, the courting of high school basketball stars, isn't it? Yes. Tugs is a was a good player. Not a great player. Sweet kid. His father was his mentor. Father was a figure in what you beautifully put it. The biosphere of of basketball and his father took a lot of money or took money. A lot of times on behalf of his kids play in a you basketball or to switch high schools as father just kept taking money, and but the money he took for him to go to Louisville was one quarter of one percent of Rick Pitino's annual Sal. Theory. So the money that actually came to the bone, family was nineteen thousand five hundred dollars. It's nothing and, but it really sort of encapsulates the inequalities here because it it became criminalized and Bowen lost his college career and losing his college career. This is a guy that went to play and he's playing Australia. He's playing in Australia, and you know he wants to be in the NBA like all these kids do seven thousand miles from the closest NBA franchise. He'll get scouted, but let's face it. That's a harder road to be one of the thousand or so oversea overseas players trying to get noticed by the NBA that is to go to Louisville and be on national TV all the time, right. That's also reflective sort of the Casablanca nature of this case. Everybody is shocked. Oh my God. You know, the coaches names are Bill self of Kansas has popped up in texts and emails among some of these parties. Talk of Adidas, black ops team come on. There's this cash. Cash on the cars down.

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