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Show is it? Mike mcconnell. That's not a new show. That's talk show instead opinion show. Well, but he he gets his material from the. News. Yeah. Really? And what newspapers does he get it from? Well, I think sometimes I've heard him say Washington Post, but I, you know, you don't even know where the stories are coming from. That's not a new show. That's a call in talk show with a with a host that has a specific point of view. You're calling me. You know, what a new show is. Okay. A news show is CBS evening news. That's a news show. Meet the press news show. The news. Okay. Yeah. Mike McConnell is a right-wing call in host who we'd stories on his show. And you can't remember where they're from. I know, you know, where they're not from Mike McConnell because he's not a journalist. Right. Those stories. Yeah. On a new show. You hear a journalist telling you a story that they reported. Why don't they have a responsibility? Can't they get sued for? You know, it's very hard to sue anybody for telling a story. I mean, you would have to especially about public figures you have to prove malice. Very hard to win. Okay. Going back to my friend. What's the smoking gun that nine eleven wasn't a conspiracy theory. Yeah. Wasn't it? Gold robbery. No, no, no. It's up to you or him to prove that that is what happened not the other way round. What did you say that that line from the Alex Jones crowd who've it wasn't a conspiracy is just so outrageous? Prove it was. To my friend. He's a left-wing or those. I'm surprised he believes that. I don't I I'm surprised anybody believes that. Well, they also they also said that the Orlando Florida shooting that they've finally proved that that person was not who say. Who said that? Who it was in the news? It was in the new who what station. What I can tell you again. Do you have any reading comprehension or retention of? When you read something you never remember where you saw it never. No, you don't remember. If it was then. The New York Times or Perez Hilton's website. You have no idea as lady Gaga is website. Who you're even know we saw. Right. You know, what I nobody? I'm not just saying this to or about you. But nobody has credibility when they keep spinning out supposed- facts, and they can never tell you the source of the information. Right. I mean, I'm calling you because I'm unassuming, and I just wanted to get your take on nobody. But you more than that. You're like you're behind some of this stuff, you agree with some of this stuff. I heard it on the news. What news I don't know? What station. I'd have to look it up. Yeah. And that doesn't wash with me. That's why you need to stay on. No, I tell you what I need to stay on when we have enough subscribers and not a minute before. You said you said that you're not leaving because strivers? I'm not doing it. But I am not doing the show live. I'm gonna cut the cost of doing content by doing it as a podcast. Here's an idea. How about a show nothing, but unscreened calls is that ever been done that would eliminate one salary. Pain is our payroll is one hundred sixty thousand dollars a year. I mean, you said you might do alive. Podcast. It might turn into live of I can figure out. Yes. Hectic technologically. How to do it directly from the ranch? And there's no guarantee that will ever happen. Well, that's why I'm going to subscribe, why am subscribed. Sure. Subscriber. You'll continue listening, right? Those were not subscribers will have to they'll have to go freeload over it who knows where Adam Corolla or somewhere. Well, so I also feel like if you have enough subscribers and people want to they're thinking about putting you back on terrestrial radio. You know, they're gonna look at your your base. So to speak and say, okay. This guy's got this many followers. They're gonna make their calculations radio. Residence. Rising radio business is the Sears and KMart of businesses. Now, have you have you seen a Sears last couple of years? You're in Phoenix. There's a few of them have you seen metro center. They just close. All right, there you go just close. Did you get in there before they closed? Didn't look like they were hiring. Yeah. It looks like a ghost town. Right. Yeah. That's what radio stations look like. And you said you wanna make radio great again if given the right now if you had control of it. Well, I would never use a phrase like that. Not in a million years. Bye. I have a plan that I know would work to put on a profitable radio station. But I the last time I'm going into a radio station. And told a what kind of close to where and who I can talk to and who I can't. And and all that nonsense. The next time I do radio, I will either be the program director, or I will be a part owner of the station or both. Otherwise, not interested. A lot of jobs now, people are working from their home. Anyway. So you probably wouldn't even have to go into the radio station. Again. I'm not interested if I'm not running right? Not interested again, they would have to pay me substantial money. Commas? Six figures. No seven. Right. I don't mean never. I don't need a job, right? We need to more than you need us. You tell me. Yeah. No. We do. I hope you like I said, I hope this. Manifest into something else. You know? Subscribe. If I had a crystal ball, and I know that you're not going to go anywhere. Guaranteed. So well, there you go. But you can you know, you'll you'll the the last live show will be. And then the following Monday. They'll be a podcast and you'll come to premium Tom dot com or you go to your app the Tom leykis show up. And you will listen just like you've listened to any of our on-demand content. And it's it's every day, right or no. It's when I am inspired to do it which could be three days a week or five days a week or it could be twice on Tuesday. Because a lot of things happen and nothing on Thursday. I mean, we're going to be experimenting with so you'll come along for the ride. Oh, definitely definitely. Night. All your son. Okay. I couldn't agree more deal. Thank you. Nine zero one three thousand Tom here. It is wild wide open phones being you hear nine one three thousand Tom Brian and Olympia, Washington how. Hello, tom. Why? Hello. Hulu, so I talked to you a couple of weeks ago. But I forgot to report a couple of things one thing is I'll be set to get the ball bag terms here in a couple of weeks got an appointment for very good. Very good. Yeah. Yeah. I consider you know, like taking back my interest in my hands in shaping my own future. I've had a lot of people around these. Not heeded your word, and are now in court cases and have multiple children, and you know, unders almonds in debt before they can even buy a house like fuck that does not for me. Right. No one else. No one else can control me, and they shouldn't be able to control you or or any guy. Oh, yeah. I agree. I've got friends that have has gone down that road. I've taken a hard look at it. And got this after situation that I want or you know, I I've known since I was a lot younger than I don't want kids. And then latest every time there's this things -iety like what if what if that phone? Call comes like motherfucker, I better get that handled. Yeah. By the way, I in by the way. I one of my oldest dearest friends. I've known him forty one years. I just found out. And you've heard me do the topic on the show. I just found out that he not only sent his DNA into twenty three and me. Oh god. He I didn't know you could do this. He's a subscriber to it. So he gets regular updates on this universe of he says about a thousand people who could be related. Yep. Oh my God. Just he sent me the name and a photograph of a of a woman who lives in L A wanted to know if I had ever run into her which I had not what I'm like. Holy cow people not only send in their DNA once. They getting a monthly report. Here's a few games on your list. Yeah. Uh-huh. I couldn't imagine the worry that would put on your head. You know, every single day thousands of people eight you're my daddy's. Fuck you. You're my cousin. You're this. You're that. Can you imagine the pool of dead beats out there waiting to get your phone number? I mean, holy crap. Oh, yeah. All the hanger onto that suddenly has access to you. And no way that's not for me interested, not interested. No, no, oh, we also got a question from the past. Remember, the Dr Lori contest back in the day. I do did anybody actually win that. No. No. But okay. I want it. Because the result of that contest was that they turn the screws on the screener and force them to screen like every call so cancer. I would've been happy to pay. But they they really clamped down on the callers after that. Oh, okay. Yeah. Because I I remember the one hundred point seven the buzzer days in Seattle. She was on. I think before you in the mid days wheel of mid day host for awhile and then BJ shake came in. And I mean that was like the golden set IBJ, and then you in the afternoon. Yeah. Yeah. I remember the Dr Lori contest, my brother and our top. I was like did anybody actually win that. I don't know. That's a good question. Yeah. Nobody one. But like, I say it had the desired effect the chilling desired effect. Brian. Thank you. It's wild wide. Open phones here. Nine zero one three thousand Tom. That's our number nine zero one three thousand Tom on wop Neidl one three thousand eight six six

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