Blackhawks, Cam Ward And Vancouver Canucks discussed on The Download with Justin Kaufmann


If there's one thing you can do if you're the Blackhawks trait that opportunity to have a second chance around the crease area and dig deep for a try and find those loose pucks around the there was some there in that first period. He's kind of an awkward looking guy as far as the way that he handles. He puts his glove in the position that he does a little bit different than a lot of the goaltenders around the NHL. But all the big goal tender's. Gotta take away at take away their sight lines bit goaltenders like to go down to try and cover up as much as the top portions of the net because of their size, which means there's going to be rebounds. If you put the puck down along the ice on the pats and the comparatively diminutive Goltz into the ice Cam ward. The shots were even for most of the first period before the Blackhawks pulled away fifteen seven and total but Edmonson had some quality chances early on and stick to Cam ward for keeping the Blackhawks in some anxious moments early on that period for the Blackhawks mismanage the park they had a couple of opportunities to get the puck out. And that's one thing that they have to do better. They can't give second opportunities to teams by not getting the puck across the blue line. That's a golden rule in the game a hockey, and they they violated that a couple of times last night against the Vancouver Canucks and it gave Vancouver. They didn't really capitalize on some of those opportunities other than..

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