Netflix’s ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ Trailer: Kurt Russell Will Make You Believe in Santa Claus (Video)


Nick Opperman. And and Megan live in the coal bronze Smiths or Nicole Brown. Simpson's old house. Yes, they do. And you know, they're kind of getting she's so funny. I'm willing grace. They know we talked the other day about that episode tax. It was the funniest episode ever. Yeah. With Leslie Jordan. But yes, she she is. Yeah. Here's the deal. It wasn't the same house for Nicole Brown. Smith liver shoes. Murder was on the same property that they're wants to the house that OJ Simpson had rented for coal before they were married. So she lived on the property prior to when she lived with OJ and before she was married and before she was divorced and then murdered. So it was at least two houses. But Megan, thanks, Nicole is hunting the place. And I believe she tells that too busy Phillips either tonight or last night. Oh, okay. Look at how the headlines are already out there for all the busy Phillips stuff was she's trying. Yeah. I know. Yes. I don't know. I don't think it's I don't think that's a funny story. I don't I have to listen to it. But it seems kind of tacky tell everyone dressed as Dr Seymour Bush gynecologists in the lab coat at a bar in LA or Las Vegas. Seems just what desire that he's still around? Yeah. Well, he lives in Vegas, isn't that?

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