Brazil judge denies cabinet post a reward for jailing Lula


And in Brazil, former president Louis Nazia Lula to Silva is challenging has conviction on corruption charges after the judge who ruled on his case accepted atop position in the cabinet of president-elect gyro, both Sinato the far, right. Former army captain Lula's lawyers argue that newly appointed Justice Minister Sergio Morteau has proven his bias by joining ball sonatas cabinet, and that the charges against Lula were always politically motivated and designed to keep him from running for the presidency. Again Lewis currently serving a twelve year term in prison. Polls ahead of the election showed he was on track to win easily this past election and octa over the world renowned linguist dissident and author known Chomsky visited Lula in prison. He recently spoke to democracy now about that encounter Solter confront board from. Receiving new books. Proserve journals crucially the courts decided not permitted to make a public statement. Luke, sue convicted murderer so his soil Puerta would. Than combs huge. Their husband major thoughts, and he should be regarded with those for the most important political prisoner of the world to

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