How can an election be hacked?


There's a difference between spreading misinformation leading up to an election and actually gaining access to our voting machines. So nothing the system wide attack would be very difficult while many might argue that a standardized internet based voting system would make much more sense. Former FBI cyber specialists, Leo Taddeo says the fact that there are so many different types of voting machines used in US elections makes it almost impossible for our systems to be hacked each of them requires physical access in order the hacker. So it's nothing to system wide attack would be very difficult. They're not supposed to be connected to the internet. So you actually have to have access to the machine Taddeo says he's concerned he's and so much of our potential cyber attack each over people staying away from voting because of the fear of a cyber attack. Chris Edens KNX ten seventy NewsRadio new supreme court Justice. Brad Kavanagh could be a swing votes is he

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