Exit polls show Trump a major factor in midterm vote


Will tell you what the numbers are that we have from our preliminary exit polling there is a tendency among voters to lean toward Democrats overall. President Trump's job performance is not seen favorably by voters today. Fifty five percent say they disapprove forty four percent. Approve and this election would appear according to our preliminary exit polls to be a referendum on the president. Only a third of voters say their vote today doesn't have anything to do with Trump. The other two-thirds say it does have something to do with Trump. And among those voters they are more likely to say they are voting against him than for him. It's amazing that that split comes down on approval at forty four percent approve. The president fifty five percent disapprove only because you look at the real clear politics index of polls average of eight polls. That's exactly basically where he has had in those polls. So usually exit polls can sometimes be all over the place. Remember, president Kerry, President Clinton Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen but that that is just dead on. But let me read you a quote from Jake tapper, a former ABC guy, he says, it is entirely possible that the

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