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Yeah, and terrible. The rest of the NFL. Oh my God, just so. So you know, maybe even last week we're watching the patriots lose. The Jaguars looked pretty bad on offense and they're passing game. Just consider this. That in two weeks they're gonna have grog, Josh Gordon, she'll leeann Ataman, Chris, HOGAN, James Wight Sony, Michelle Rex Burkhead built or set all those guys at his disposal. That is the best set of receivers and talent. Overall that Tom Brady has had since God since you know since brandy moss. Right? And they had all those guys in the younger, Julia Nedal, man, I just this is such a scary team right now when you look at it from a more macro perspective, if Josh corners even close to what he can be. Shout out the you're wrong. And here's why again this week, thanks for everybody for listening. Thanks, thanks. Everybody. Listening to the NFL show hit number one on I tunes sports rec yesterday so that that was super excited. But on this week's episode of your on and here's why Greg, I debated whether or not the patriots were still the top dogs in the AFC. And I took the perspective that they weren't, and I. You mentioned a lot of guys there, but you know, Josh Gordon who has like what two meaningful catches over the last three years started eleven games in the last three years. Ataman wonderful. But this is a guy who's game is based on quickness coming off a major injury at thirty two, and he's still suspended for for two more weeks. You know, he's still rehabbing the knee. Gronkowski who knows if you've been cares about football at this point? He I, I don't. I feel like he can retire at anytime and I've really do think that there's there's gonna be a domino effect for this team, especially if Brady retires. Because if brain. No sides. This is it for him. If they have a rough year, if it's clear that teams like the chiefs and the Jaguars past them in the AFC, then Brady goes Bella checks, not coming back to watch. Brian Hoyer play quarterback, gronkowski coming back to catch passes from Brian Hoyer. He'll go wrestles next year, and that's my actual prediction. By the way he will be in the WWE. All and all of a sudden you have Brian Hoyer handing off the Sony Michelle. Hey, that's great. Sony, Michelle's the number one player on your offense. Being coached by Josh mcdaniels throwing to Thirty-three-year-old Julian Edelman, and who knows what else could you mentioned Chris HOGAN? But he has not stepped up like the team thought he has four catches through to knows. That's true. Yeah. Well, I'm not saying, are they dynasty? I'm saying just compared to what they just looked like at the end of the game has Jacksonville when they are today and what they will be into leaks that it's a seismic shift. I mean, you're right. There is risk involved, but just in terms of what they could be when you think about the weapons at a lineup with Tom Brady at any given time, it's just it's this impressive, and there's no need to give Tom Brady more weapons. Agree, I guess so. And that brings me to my take. Away about when this broke on Twitter, you know, the eagles were mentioned in the skins, vengeance, and I'm just interested. You know, Twitter, just exploding those. How can the NFL let the patriots do this episode over two factors. There's that that was George of the minority was even this included patriots, including Bill Simmons, who kinda like, oh, this is this is not good. This is of desperation. You know, best could go awry in a hurry. This could be, you know, the straw that breaks the camel's back for this New England dynasty. So I'm interested to hear what you side on that. And if you notice the same kind of like oughta me, I guess between two factions, it was a mixed reaction for sure. I don't think there's any chance to destroy the breaks the camel's back because it's such a low risk move for the patriots. The is making thing. They caught it, cost him a fifth round pick. And so thinking about how this treat is worded, if they were to cut him tomorrow, they're still getting th round pick because he's not active for. Off games. Right? That's right. That's right. So all the day, take a shot on maybe the most talented receiver in football, and if everything goes horribly wrong, it costs some two rounds of a draft pick I'd away..

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