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I'll be on your behalf. That's like my. And then in turn, when they asked what Chrissy Teigen he was like, I know it'd be so great. I've Christiane, but she's like way too busy for me and all this stuff. I'm like, I agree Chrissy teigen's way cooler than me, but you don't have to treat me like, I'm like fucking dirty gum on the bottom of your shoe. That is so fucking knowing you and Chrissy Teigen tweet about the same thing for the same amount of times and you deserve a restraining order and then he praises her for it. That's so not fair. That is it really fucking bothers me. And do you know what I just realized Chrissy Teigen watches a lot of TV also. So don't look at me like this. All right, that's fair. She watches maybe more TV that I do. She also two kids, but she also had a lot of like she does a lot of work shit too doesn't. How does she have time to like, actually, I really wanna know, like when is she fitting in all these shows? Because she watches like every two cookbooks. She has so many shelter and she has limb battle photo, shoots red, carpet events, drawing logic lined with Becca, like she'd like, when are you watching TV? Good for her. Okay. You're allowed to watch TV. Thank you. You're welcome. You put that into precisely that. I'm just like not at the knife sky every night. Fuck my life who are too old for that. Well, it'll never happen. So I'm really glad I got to tell your side of the story with the nave nev- just going to call them, you're not worth. Worth me actually saying his name correctly. So nev- can suck a dick in in the Kristen Doty nev- can suck a dick. I wanna finish on a little bit of celeb- gossip. That doesn't mean to be like super gossipy. 'cause I've talking love this person. Well, I mean, I was gonna talk about two people, but I think I'll just go with Selena Gomez. Sling Gomez hospitalized for anxiety and depression said, really fucking sad sucks. No, it's I'm also, I mean, if this obviously we're reading what we're reading, but if it's true and then she chose to do that because she was just like outer wit's end like good for her for taking care of herself. I'm like, but it's really, it's really sad. I've already felt bad for her just like even when Hayley and Justin Bieber got just said her name without her last name, Haley, Baldwin, and Justin beaver win. They got engaged. I already was like. He was just with Selena like a few months ago like they were going to church. They were family events together and stuff like that. Like what like that must really be hard so hard, and then they get married and like this. All of this is in her face, and then she's like, we'll talk. I am depressed and I having Zayed's and I know that if I checked myself into a hospital, everyone is going to say it's because of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. So that's embarrassing. Fuck for her. It's a lose lose situation which like she chose to take care of herself and deal with the fact that people were gonna talk shit, which is really commendable because it is so unfortunate is that she could never do that without people knowing. I know that is really sad. That's so she can't just go somewhere to have to take care of herself without the whole world knowing about it. So we've menu, I feel I feel so I really like I loved Selena Gomez so much and like this last stunning. She's talented. She's huge. She's read. She's been through. Hell. And back been to Helen back with her kidney and like, oh my God, just but imagine remember when she went, she'd already been hospitalized for anxiety and depression, and then came back and was like, did like gave a speech. Remember? She's like an readdress only. That's the most eloquent speech. Like I've ever heard like this woman is fucking phenomenal. And the fact that she's going back and my whole my God like do do think it's because of what everyone's saying like, oh, it's because of just in Hooghly, Baldwin bubble, blah. Well, I think that and depression aren't things that you can like. It's not just like a little emotions because something's going wrong in your life like that is like I, it's brain chemistry and like the way if you're prone to that, you're prone to that, you know..

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