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They had the best record in the National League during the regular season. They want four more games during the regular season and the dodgers dodgers dispatching Atlantic and for the brewers sweeping Iraqis in the division series. Dodger bullpen is really one of the big big stories of this and LCS should finish up the way it looks like it's going to basis loaded one out there. Trying to tack on top nine choose a slider. Taken down in a way for ball. One. Not sure how the bottom half it is sending will be. But I'd mentioned it earlier in the game. And here we are four five innings later at Greg Gibson. The job is done behind the plate. I have not seen tonight. One time where a hitter has looked at Gibson and had a problem with a called strike. How often do you say that? Personally, never Woodrow sets again and the one to their strike three. Call now. Hernandez breaks the streak by barking at the fire. Singye jinx is as strong as well. The part. It wasn't like a big wolf wolf. It was kind of a little. Then he turned back, and it was an arbitrage. They're up by four. Yes. That's fair. So to Dan, it was a borderline pitch. You could call it this way, you could call it that way, here's Mancino Muncie. One for three with a walk singled and scored back in the sixth of the home run by tweet. Out now and still a four run lead for the dodgers, very very few people have left this wall park. They are still holding out hope heading to the bottom of the ninth. Refer set week dancing down the line at third first pitch to Muncie in away all one because we stock is his way deep and way off the line against the left hand hitting Muncie. We can get about twenty five thirty feet down the line. And he's tried to get a referral vision of Woodrow may be forced to balk and bring home a run that way. Well question, you know, max Muncie with the bases loaded right now, we talked about last time I'll be cutting loose a little bit. Not sure right here. He is going for the bridge the Wasco outside ball to. Also, though a guy known for his good eye, and maybe caught a between a little bit here. You know, you could force Homer run on a walk, or if he gets something you like, you know, he'll be going after it is wooded per shot continue to throw with a pad for the dodgers. The Red Sox, by the way have announced. Chris sale is the game on starter Tuesday night. David price is the likely game two starter. Here's a two oh at its low ball three. Got gotta believe Muncie. Just by virtue of the Coyote hitter that he is even if he sees what he likes years probably gonna take a strike. Yeah. You. It's a four run lead. It's not you know, it surmountable by the brewers bought. Everything is leaning towards the dodgers as far as winning this game. So to cut it loose three. Oh, I mean, it would it would definitely be offensive to the strike now. Walk forces in Iran, three balls. No strikes to down. Way down the line at third again. Here's the free. Oh from Woodruff added is a strike taken by Muncie ran one now. He's gonna fall on the back knees. Get so hard at Kratz will head out to the mound to want to make very sure that he would river on the same page. Wig is a third Taylor had second. And campus it I. As the dodgers look for some insurance here on the top of an identity. Four or five six coming out for the brewers bottom of the ninth against either Clayton Kershaw or Alex wood. Probably depends on what happens right here meeting. Over would ready. Three one on the way fastball. It at ninety six just above the knees, and it's a whole cow. Here. It goes runners will be it. She not as aggressive as normal like they need these. They will be back who is not the best runner any more. He used to be very good runner by the ball, and the gap that gets to the wall should score. And I thought that was pretty much close the book on this ballgame Greeks at third Taylor. Should I sing invention camps? Or does a second camps at first to Sigi mansion down. They will be on the move. Here's the three to two Sita swinging catching. Strikes him out the dodgers leave the patients loaded. We will go to the bottom of the ninth. The dodgers are three outs away. Rob returning to the World Series at Clayton Kershaw is on his way in front.

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