No Powerball winners, jackpot grows to over a billion dollars!


Synthesize basically any drug and claims it produces sixteen tons of illicit chemicals each month almost twenty nine thousand Americans died from overdoses linked to synthetic opioids last year, namely synthetic Fenton. All officials say Fenton all is most widely used because of its potency house. Bill four thirty-three provides licensed veterinarians the opportunity to receive up to two continuing education credits. Every two years all four performing for East Bay in neutering services. State Representative Bob cops says the house passage of the Bill not only allows veterinarians to meet their continuing education credits. But it also helps control pet overpopulation issues incentive to veterinarians to provide some spay and neutering services without charge all to help take at least a small bite out of the animal overpopulation problem many communities face the bail is now awaiting consideration by the Ohio Senate and lottery fever continues to break out across the country with no jackpot winner in the Powerball drawing. There is now more than two billion dollars up for grabs this week between the Powerball mega millions lotteries. Even though nobody one big last night. You still might want to check. Your tickets because there were some million and two million dollar winners. But now, of course, everyone's just talking about the big money that Powerball jackpot rolls over. It is up to six hundred and twenty million dollars for Wednesday night strying Matt's ABC's Marci Gonzales for your ABC, six first warning weather forecast, cloudy skies for most of the day with a high of forty seven. I'm Allison Wyatt. More news at the bottom of the hour and on demand at six ten WTVN dot com.

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