Amnesty Says Panicked Civilians Fled Hospital in Hodeida


And misty international says heavy fighting near a hospital in Yemen. Forced hundreds of patients to flee across the street some carrying their own medical equipment as shrapnel rain down on them. The rights group described the scenes of chaos from Sunday's fighting near the all throw hospital in the port city of data and mistakes. Lynn me said today that as the battle for control of her data intensifies both sides seem intent on a visceral the laws of war and just regarding the protected status of even the most vulnerable civilians a Saudi led coalition has been battling Yemen's Hootie rebels since March of two thousand fifteen and a war that's killed. Tens of thousands of people. The fighting is currently focused on data a port city through which impoverished Yemen imports seventy percent of its food and humanitarian aid the United Nations says hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the escalating fighting in the city William Dennis lab reports around back to have control data since two thousand fourteen but there's been an increase in fighting there over the past week as the Saudi led coalition seek to wrestle back control of the port city, the UN refugee agency belief four hundred forty five thousand people affect the area since June, but a major fairs the thousands, and now trapped in the crossfire data is the entry point for around eighty percent of Yemen's food imports and eight agencies warned there fully soaked on the city could spoke fannin UN now, call on all sides to allow civilians access to an emergency shows and warehouse. This had its access cut off because of the fighting. New york. You're listening to the evening news and KPFA Berkeley, KPFK, Los Angeles KFC, Fresno, online, KPFA dot org. This is an hour. Long newscast airing each night at six can hear the entire newscast archived online KPFA dot org and you'll find selected reporter pieces there as well. I'm Mark miracle with max Pringle, investigators working to understand why a gunman killed twelve people at a southern California bar said today, they have no new information to release. Authorities have not shared what motive might have led twenty eight year old ex-marine he and David long to snap Ventura County sheriff's officials urged patients, noting the large investigations take time they gunman shot and killed himself as law enforcement closed in on the borderline bar and grill last Wednesday night, a high school coach, Ian, David long says she repeatedly reported. Behavioral problems, but to no avail EV clue says administrators dismissed her concerns about Ian, David long clue says that long was a ticking time bomb constantly lost his temper and once assaulted a fellow coach a memorial was being held in Napa today for eighteen year old Elena house Louis who was one of the victims. After the recent rash of mass shootings, including the one Thousand Oaks physicians across the country are stepping up their efforts to combat gun violence. Eric ticket off reports the American college of physicians, the country's largest medical specialty organization says the failure to act meaningful gun control legislation undermines the country, and it's healthcare systems foundational values. Dr Melissa Hagman is governor of the group's Idaho chapter and says she's had difficult conversations with patients about firearms. She says gun violence is a public health issue and should be thought of as an epidemic mass shootings. Individuals shootings people who lose their lives due to. Domestic violence where there's a weapon involved if epidemic gets people's attention. I think that's the appropriate word. It just seems like something that our country is too great to be having as many deaths needlessly due to firearms each of the most deadly mass shootings. This year have left at least ten people dead. The American college of physicians recommends laws that prohibit people with a history of domestic violence from buying or possessing firearms extreme risk prevention orders that allow families to petition courts for the removal of a family members firearms and a ban on semi automatic and automatic weapons opponents of these proposals say they violate Americans second amendment rights Hagman says it's important not to conflate people who commit violence with firearms with those who simply feel strongly about a person's ability to have access and carry guns, and none of them that I've ever spoken to have ever wanted anyone to be harmed needlessly. So I think there is common ground for people to continue these discussions and to work towards legislation and other ways to keep people safer than they currently are the ACP hopes there will be a shift in the narrative on guns and also has developed policy research. Gently recognizing that hate crimes are a major public health issue for public news service. I'm Eric take it off Democratic Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said he would seek to tie a measure protecting special counsel Robert Muller to must pass legislation. If acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker does not recuse himself from oversight of the probe Schumer said keeping Whittaker in charge of the investigation would create a constitutional crisis and said if he doesn't recuse himself Democrats would push to introduce legislation to protect Muller's investigation Schumer and other top Democrats sent a letter to the Justice department that calls for the DOJ's chief ethics officer to disclose whether he had devised Whittaker to recuse himself from oversight of the probe. The Democrats cited Whitaker's past public statements which included an op Ed article in which he said Muller would be straying outside his mandate. If he investigated, President Trump's family finances. He also. Previously tweeted, an ex prosecutors opinion that described Muller Lynch mob and what she said was a worthy read, Los Angeles. Democrat Adam Schiff says the incoming chair of the house intelligence committee. He spoke to NBC we have every right to expect all of the employees at the Justice department to fall the ethics rules, and that means especially they turn in general, but, you know, wanna make this very clear if he doesn't recuse himself if he has any involvement whatsoever in this Russia probe we are going to find out whether he made commitments the president about the probe whether he is serving as a back channel to the president or his lawyers about the probe. Whether he's doing anything to fear with a probe. Mr. Whittaker needs to understand that he will be called to answer in any role that he plays. We'll be exposed to the public New York. Democrat Jerry Nadler, the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary committee described Trump's appointment of Whittaker as an attack on the Mueller investigation and said protecting. That probe will be his committee's top priority. Last week word leaked out the special counsel Muller has prepared a number of sealed grand jury indictments including one charging President Trump's son, Don, jR, Karen Greenberg, director of the center for national security at Fordham university's school of law told the Sunday shows Philip mulberry. She believes the perception that Muller is closing in has rattled Trump accounting for his firing of Jeff Sessions and his appointment of Matt Whitaker as a successor and his outburst last week's post-election press conference. I think

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