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And traffic slows down for you just set it at seventy is traffic slows down. It slows down is traffic speeds up its speed up. I don't even have to mess with that. I love that one more of that. I love the little thing that you know, if you if you move over, and you're you're bumping the dotted line in the middle or the solid. Line on the side. It vibrates the steering wheel. I love all of that stuff. Of course, we should go that route and have self driving hers. Seriously. We are bad drivers. We're really really bad at it. So are you ready though, the DMV just gave the permit to Waymo slash Google for the first forty vehicle self driving cars with out a human behind the wheel four one five eighty eight ten. Taking a look at traffic looks like most folks are home taking the little ones around the neighborhood trick or treating because we're not seeing too much in the way of slow traffic out there. Couple of incidents both in Oakland right now. Northbound eight eighty at high street to two car accident that has the right lane blocked and southbound eight eighty at high street a big rig part that has been dropped in the right hand lanes. They also have some roadwork setting up for overnight westbound interstate eighty from highway four leading down toward San Pablo dam road. The three left lanes will be shut down for some striping. Workout is going to be in place until five AM. Also, they're sitting on the ultimate pass for westbound five eighty a lot of paving work has been going on out there. Currently you're gonna find the grant line on an off ramp shut down for that work..

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