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Yes. The answer is yes, you can bet against it's magic of maybe should be. I think you probably should in one. I will take the Panthers might a six and a half. I I do like the fits. But you know, this this Panthers team right now looks like an absolute force, especially now that Greg Olson's back. You know, they're using all their weapons DJ more really came on last week. I I really like what the Panthers look like right now. And if they keep using more and more and more I think it's gonna go for them. In any sentence. I like to say more at least four. Many. Too few. If you ask me buddy too few. If you ask me the New York football jets traveled to Miami to take on the Miami Dolphins. Has the dolphins minus three can should be Thursday night game. Just getting kidding. God. I I'll take the Vikings are upset. Well, the Vikings the dolphins. I I don't know. I don't have a ton to say about this. The jets have looked worse and worse every week. Yeah. I think that Miami still like just at tier above terrible. Whereas think the jets are probably squarely Ned tier? So I will take the dolphin. Entirely. This could be the last night. Right. One of these has to be the last game for for bowls. Any minute. Now, he is living on borrowed time for sure -solutely. The Atlanta Falcons travel to Washington take on the Washington. Redskins Redskins, minus one per sky book. Interesting. I you know, the. The skins of every week. I feel like I bet against him every week. They do a decent job. And you know, Adrian Peterson last week was absolutely awesome. I just I don't know. I I do think that the falcons with the extra week, especially after when we last autumn. They looked pretty good. I like I like Atlanta this game. Plus one. All right. The well. We thought it was going to be that..

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