Google launches Be Internet Awesome kits and $1,000 grants


Google is teaming up with the national PTA. The US nonprofit parent teacher association to teach a new program designed to teach parents how to educate their kids on various facets of online safety. The internet giant has created an all in one kit with Google pixel book a presentation covering topics across the online safety in digital citizenship spectrum and other related tools such as banners and posters. The kid is available in both English and Spanish for right now. Anyway, the program represents part of Google's broader be internet Lawsom initiative, which launched last year alongside. A web based game designed to teach kids the fundamentals of internet safety tying in with the kits Google and the national PTA have teamed up to award grants of a thousand dollars to PTA's in each state, which can be used to set up beat internet. Awesome workshops, there will be two hundred workshop grants doled out in total and successful. Applicants will receive one of the kids as part of the award. The kids won't be made available as a standalone product, but Google told venture beat that it would be working with other local school parent organizations to distribute the free kits for hosting family workshops at their schools as well while it is also looking into partnering with other nonprofit bodies to host family workshops later this year, Google said it will also make the content of the kit the presentation and related materials available for. Everyone to access online. Additionally, Google said that it's launching a classroom rewards program through the nonprofit matchmaker platform donors choose dot org, which helps teachers fund specific initiatives by finding sponsors upon completion of a program K through six teachers can claim one hundred dollars in credit and and

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