Deezer adds podcasting to its app in Colombia



From Vancouver in Canada. The latest pod news. Thank you to Diese for making podcasts available within the app in Colombia the app now contains more than twenty thousand podcasts in five different languages, including this one the company also released data regarding podcast listening in Columbia, most podcast listeners are aged between twenty six to thirty five and predominantly male. Thanks to time who underlined the growing mass appeal of podcasting by publishing the top ten podcasts of twenty eighteen the age wants us to be thankful for a small company in Adelaide spotlighting, the company behind the puck it casts podcast app. Be thankful to for the TV show of homecoming. Which might be the rep podcast that actually turned into a good TV show says the Washington Post and thank the Kiwis podcasting is seeing a meteoric growth in New Zealand, according to the stuff websites. They highlights the front page. A daily news podcasts for the country. Run by news talks at be and the New Zealand Herald. Sorry Christmas story, but one of the most enchanting places on what trees grow gun jobs and the yeti skate on sugar pompon alongside outs. Do I ever read this Christmas? What are you doing the trailer? Yes. Cornelius about the show. Yeah. Christmas is coming. Welcome to Tinseltown as a Christmas adventure for all ages in the style of Disney Pixar all seven episodes around today. It sounds like a perfect podcast for the holidays and Ricky Jay's is special guest today in films to be buried with with Brett Goldstein as well as discovering exactly what is the funniest movie of all time. According to raise listeners, we'll get to hear the film that traumatize him from the age of six

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