Boxer Victor Ortiz arrested on suspicion of forcible rape


Boxer Victor Ortiz or Victor Ortiz. That is is being charged with Ray. The thirty one year old surrendering to with authorities in Oxnard California yesterday on three felony counts, including forcible rape, charges that stemmed from an incident that reportedly happened at a southern California home back on March nineteenth or twos is also known for competing on dancing with the stars in two thousand thirteen and for some movie roles as well as as including the expendable is three and south. President Trump has a new one point five million dollar Cadillac. Limo named like its predecessor the beast. It weighs twenty thousand pounds and is designed to survive nearly every type of possible attack. It also has a fridge filled with blood of the same type as the president's. And he'll also has JAMES BOND features like being able to create a smokescreen if necessary or an oil slick to thwart any pursuit and for USA radio news. I'm Chris Barnes. Attention investors respected names in the financial services industry are not a value.

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