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Hey, listen. Not with me nerds this toy from talk nerdy to me bringing you all the nerdy news that is fit to know on this Thursday, September, thirteenth. I'll kick right off with ugly dolls on remember those those fitting name. They were very, very ugly dolls, real popular back in early two, thousands, they are getting their own TV share are actually they're getting their own movie that will be followed by TV series. The movies have Wanda Sykes and gave her a glaciologist is to the main voice actors. They're also have Kelly, Clarkson, Nick, Jonas impeccable. So the voice town on this thing is just crazy. So many popular voice actors. I shouldn't say it was a popular people to be the voices on these things. Ugly dolls is supposed to come out daters on may tenth of twenty nineteen. I know I will say any date for the series TV series says it's in production. There are two kids animated series. So here we go going to be on the premium streaming service who. Lou. By Hasbro has rose getting into supporting other toys through movies and TV series. So you'll get to hear Wanda Sykes. Gabriel glaciologist being voices on ugly dolls. The Coen brothers. If you're big fan of Cohen, brothers and I, I am. They have a new project out their ballot. BUSTER Scruggs is kinda stranger is going to be out in theaters, but it's also on the member sixteenth. It's also going to be on Netflix streaming services. Same time in the break it down into six different. Short stories. I guess the whole thing is a little over an hour, our little two hours long. I think two hours twelve minutes to be exact. So you got some big name actors in this also talking about James Franco burning Gleason, Liam Niessen, Clancy Brown, Stephen root. These are some really good actors and the Coen brothers. I love their stuff is their movies are always really Corky with interesting characters. So. November sixteenth will build new, select theaters or on Netflix. I think most people in the world probably have a Netflix account or they're using their friends account by this time. So everybody should be able to see this new Cohen, brothers project, the ballot of BUSTER Scruggs. All right. Warner Brothers tried to break the internet yesterday by. Teasing that can recap will might be out as superman. It was really cryptic. The stuff they posted even Henry Cavill was kind of cryptic in his post. He made a post with wearing the crypto Nghien lifting team shirt. Didn't say whether or not he was in or out his rep. Henry Cavill rep is saying, hey, the Cape is stillness closet. Take deaf or whatever you want it to mean doesn't defend, say one way or the other. If he is still going to be superman. So we will see, hopefully sometime today they're gonna. Let us know is he end is the out and if he's out, are they going to start replacing the other Justice league characters? I, I would. I would imagine Gail does probably end up for the long haul, but we will find Henry Cavill. All he said was today was exciting with the hashtag superman. So we may see a new superman. We may not. We don't know. They have not have not told us one way or the other yet they're just leaving. I don't know if they're doing this to gain interest in superman, or if they're just shy test the waters to see people care one way or the other Warner Brothers. Stop leaving us on the line. Let us know one way or the other. Okay. I've been telling you guys about these streaming services, the DC universe streaming app. It went live a few few days early. And I'm looking at some of the, you know what people have said about overall, it's they. They've been pretty happy with from what I can tell. It's going to be seven, nine nine a month. They all their movies, cartoons and stuff like that is on there. It looks like they're still working on the comic book side. They have a lot of the complex up there, not all of them, but you know, they did launch a few days early. Maybe they're still working on that.

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