Indians rally but fall to Red Sox in extra innings


More late game dramatic for the Cleveland Indians and they did force the game against the red Sox into extras however with the Jackie Bradley junior home run in the tenth inning that provided the final advantage on a night when Chris sale crosses the two thousand strikeout threshold quickest in Major League Baseball history Tom Hamilton with a call from the ninth inning at progressive field on the Indians radio network and despite the loss and with the twins when actually the Indians have fallen I have came back in the AL central standings despite all of that it's mostly good news forty three in eighteen are the windy ends going back to the first week in June best record in majors the majors over that span it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio really excited to welcome James repeating from our affiliate in Cleveland ninety two three the Fannie covers the Indians and the Cavaliers since it they're not a disease James thanks so much for a couple minutes what's been the major driving force between this incredible rally by the Indians going back to the beginning of June it's hard to say one thing because it's it's been such a variety of factors it and almost everyone should begin from the the stars on the team like Francisco ling door Carlos Santana the young players that no one ever heard of a few months ago exactly sat who's done great as a starting pitcher so it's it sounds really cliche but a complete team effort but but I will say it you got it starts with with Francisco Lindores starts with that my claim injures returned Shane beeper has been wonderful for that the Indian for this year so that by hiring to push hard guy that America over the past couple of months that have been great and then another guy and I could just keep listing I thank god but Oscar marcato really since he got brought up in in late may I kind of stabilized at about field in and help them in that second spotter there that out in the two all because that that was a revolving door before my kind of got promoted so it's it's been a complete team effort but it's certainly been something that's gotten Cleveland excited for something other than the Browns which I think it's hard to do you mentioned Jamie Byrne I was gonna ask about him specifically because he's now twelve and four with an ERA of about three point two five and leads the team in strikeouts how much of a surprise is his second year in the majors I think a huge surprise not not that anyone expected him to be bad I think people thought he was going to be gone he was their team's victory was the Indians have started going into the year I mean they they felt great about him as that type of Connie but now you look and is arguably their eight worst case their second best pitcher and he's been as low liable as anyone in that rotation and it's a pretty complete games this year or obviously an all star and all star game MVP so it's been a pretty it's a real thing this season so far even the thing with him at acting stands out above anything else is how even keeled he is he's the same guy I thought on opening day on Clevenger same guy I saw one thing in it you know it it might all star game affect any of them have let let the team's success impact them and I think those around him were surprised at that a little bit Indians not so much but yeah he's been pay a shining a shiny starts toward you I've got many health and big this year same number of winds as the twins just one more in the loss column so I have came back now what's the latest on Corey Kluber when might the Indian feed him again in the starting rotation I could see him coming back later this month he he's progressing well is work out thirteen as intense as anyone we haven't from a a broken form like he has he made his second rehab start for double A. Akron tonight it's for ending allowed one run with perfect three three so things that things seem to be Kerr progressing well he three sixty pitches tonight I would expect at least one more we had to start and then if you back later this month that I would be shocked at all I think that was our goal all along is to get him back at some point in August but it looks like he's on track to do just that one of my favorite moments from the all star break there at progressive field in Cleveland was that the year stand up to cancer and Carlos Carrasco with all of his teammates and he's been vocal about what he's gone through as he has battled leukemia what's his status yeah it's it's kind of crazy because as scary as it leukemia sounds in an obviously is there's a real chance that at some point this year he could take them out again occurring in here well the wrong guy it's insane to think but I I really think that there granting them up so to speak in in not putting expectations on them but but they're they're certainly trying to see if he can do that in in he certainly open to it he's he's gone for the better part of a month he threw a bull pen on Tuesday afternoon and then cut ground balls off the mound and ran sprints even after the threat hitters this week so it's double that that that's usually the step right before we have to start you know so it's it's good to see you will see if it continues you never know with something like this I don't think anyone in the organization really quick expectations on it there certainly isn't a timetable but I wouldn't be shocked at all if at some point this year even if it's a couple and roll Carlos Carrasco rejoins the Indians and contribute to the big league club game thirteen of our Cleveland affiliate ninety two three the fan talking about the Indians best record and made in the majors going back a nine weeks or so it's after hours here on CBS sports radio how much of an inspiration has he bit the fact that he's even participating in any baseball activities after what he's been through well you said the best record since four we went on an interpreter on June fifth the team found out about his diagnosis on June fourth from what I know so it sounds like it's it's it came right back and you know it is the car's inspiration and I will say if storybook as that sounds crazy that sounds I do think that there was a change in the clubhouse now that that mean it translated to success on the field no but I think it put baseball perspective because a lot of those guys were struggling a lot of the role players that stepped up over the past few months where we're struggling and and having issues at the plate having issues in the field Jose Ramirez was it was not the guy that he's been over the past six weeks or so so I think that that was resting it was kind of put things in perspective and help out help everyone reset and rally not only around him but but rally together in IT help them during this run for sure and not just the inspiration but just the the joy that seems to be so contagious with fifteen as they've managed to go from being you know a team a barely have the polls to a team it's now challenging for a division title and I think they're having a blast right now I mean even tonight they lose to the red Sox and it's it's six the one and it just seems like it's that they're going to go out with a whimper and and try to win the series tomorrow instead they they take it the actress they find a way to rally and it's it's one of those things were right now they're playing in expecting to win every single game they they don't think they're out of any game and and we've seen it over the past couple of months so yeah I I think they're having a blast I think the young guys have certainly contributed to that and I have just jump right in well without really missing a beat I mean errant's of Ali has three starts and he had to do it in critical critical times it has a lot to run the restart so it it there's just a handful of guys that have contributed to that no one would have expected and I I really do you're right that they're having a ton of fun doing it having the best record in baseball for the past couple of months what was that the main reason for the trade of Trevor Bauer to Cincinnati I think the main thing was was baseball now that there were certainly some contributing factors but I think baseball live in your work that his contract and you have one year left of arbitration next year he's made it very clear he wants to do one year deals one twenty twenty one and moving forward is not confined in a long term extension because you want to maximize value I think they need to look at that they look at their the young pitchers they have that my competition deeper no list really goes on and on there and they said alright well this is a guy that at some point we're gonna have to move on from I don't think that they had to move on from him at the deadline and I think they were only looking for a deal that they got which was a deal that not only help them this year but in the future and so that's that's why they made the move but I certainly think that his act had worn thin on some of the guys in the clubhouse for sure especially that you know the coach is that you know if you're technically not less than you want to do is be answering questions about cover about when the ball is in a field wall fella I think that that that is active warrant been a bad but that you took the right deal to get it done and and that's why he's in Cincinnati James are being of ninety two three the fan in Cleveland our affiliate with us after hours on CBS sports radio okay you mention active though yeah I feel we've been known to have it every now and then so how is the fitting in with the Indy and so far he's sitting in extremely well in and I think that that was one of the major concerns when you talk about week is how's he going to fit with this team that is built searching at the deadline will be transformed itself from the seller to a buyer you know when to bring someone in to disrupt that and he's coming right away and he knew Francisco indoor Carlos Santana a little bit but he's come in and and a level and if it helps any sitting around three fifteen and eleven games for the Indians but but though he's playing well but but it's it's one of those things where he's come in right away welcome naturally he's one of the stars in baseball but he's also in well with what Terry Francona preaches in one thing that stands out to me here maybe a week after you got here I walk into the clubhouse any sitting there were critical and or Carlos Santana friend all right yes you know just talking like they've been teammates all year it's been a good acquisition so far for the track tell the truth so that fifty fifty Indians Browns what is it I mean it it we print excited about Baker may feel Odell Beckham junior it's better you know I mean in the Browns are exciting I think part of it you know the fans out of Cleveland Indians fans plants and they seem Ian there well and when the president and he would go to the World Series a few years ago in a brown paper bag for twenty years so this is this is new uncharted waters for a lot of Browns fans so I I think they're extremely excited but certainly paying attention to the Indians and the run here in an excited to see if they can do something in October that's October is just around the corner yeah looking looking forward to seeing how the city in the the fan base respond to both of those teams are doing well in the same month that would be kind of cool to see on the shores of

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