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The major indices so when some major players go higher they pull the rest of the market up within think fasting even some stocks that don't deserve to go higher and that's why i want to get really granular with you tonight but who actually benefits from president trump stay of execution some of its new tariffs instead of going into effect september. One of these products can be delayed till december fifteenth certainly saves things for the holiday this season and i think more important what we're developing here is a list of stocks that you can buy when they start coming back down because they are going to be exempt biggest beneficiary good example this his apple now one of the exceptions. Here's for cell phones including the iphone. If trumpet stuck with the original tomlin. Do you know what would have cost apple. Maybe fifty to fifty five cents a share cutting the numbers apple. That's according to a very thorough report from wedbush this very morning. Apple also makes laptops in china laptops are also in the temporary exemption list. This homerun day for for apple wins going to holidays the country's going to have to eat the cost of these tariffs themselves or raise prices and lose market share both real bad. I can't overemphasize website. The importance of this call apple has been a total flashpoint within the white house within because they're caught between both countries they make tons of stuff in china which is a huge market for them but they will smith tons of stuff here plus. They bought a whole ecosystem of job creation soper space in both countries. All tim cook has done a great job of pressing his case ace wasn't until this morning that he got any kind of break because he makes too much stuff in china according to some people in the white house this also great for many of apple suppliers. I i would say that the one i wanted to highlight the most reported quarter wave this skyward solutions as to be chaos really good company and it's hurting up coming and going to the tariffs

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