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Hiring is challenging but there's one place you can go. We're hiring is simple and smart. That place is ziprecruiter where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. It's try it for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash tech talk ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire okay so i'm really hyped up on on a new disney plus streaming service which is launching on november twelfth. I just got a sneak peek of it and i want to tell you all about what i saw when i thought here on talking tech i'm jefferson graham so disney plus is the new streaming service wants to take on netflix by basically for seven dollars a month offering bring you the complete disney library pixar marvel or most of marvel star wars national geographic and classics six from the fox library. That's a lot of stuff. I mean just think about it. Netflix most popular prices thirteen dollars a month and you're basically now subscribing to a channel final that gives you originals which you may like or you may not disney. Plus is gonna keep you every classic disney movie so if you're a parent with a a young child and you wanna get cinderella and snow white little mermaid and aladdin. You're gonna get it. You're gonna order the service. If you've got a teenager who's into captain marvel the avengers on and on and on it goes you're gonna get the disney plus service throwing the star wars movies throw in the pixar movies throw in. I don't think national geographic is as big a draw but the they have every episode of the simpsons but i i really like and respect the branding branding it says disney plus disney pixar marvel star wars national geographic. They don't beat around the bones. They tell you exactly what it's all about. When you open open up the app which i did in the sneak peak that they gave me you see this different sections again disney marvel smart star wars it cetera. They're doing original productions since they're doing new star wars movies. They're doing jeff goldblum comedy reality show. They're doing new episodes of the muppets bear doing a new high school musical musical series. They got a lot of stuff going on. I think it's gonna be a no brainer. <hes> i can see so many he people signing up for disney has said this is the biggest project that they've been working on over the last thirty years. The only concern among consumers is if you're an amazon customer and you have the fire tv stick or any of the fire tv products. You will not be able to get disney plus because right now. Disney does not have a deal with amazon zahn has deals with broke coup and apple to get the channel onto those devices amazon is a big one amazon is either number one in streaming or it's roku depending on which market researcher you want to believe but it's huge my bet. You're going to see disney plus on amazon by the time november twelfth comes around. I'm jefferson graham. You're listening to the weekend edition of talking tech. Will you be adding disney plus or are you streamed out. You feel that you spend enough money. We are ready. I'd love to hear from you. Look for me on twitter where i'm at jefferson graham again. You've been listening to talking tech. Please subscribe to show wherever you listen online audio. I'll be back tomorrow with another quick hit. From the world attack hiring used to be hard it was and still is one of the biggest challenges businesses face before it meant dealing ailing with endless stacks of resumes flipping through them and hoping the perfect candidate would jump out at you and the manual review process wasn't any easier but in today's high tech world old hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done. Ziprecruiter dot com slash tech talk with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands tens of resumes to find the most qualified contenders for your job and actively invites them to apply ziprecruiter is so effective that eighty percents of employers who post on the site get a qualified qualified candidate within the first day and right now talking tech listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash talk doc. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash t. e. c. h. t. a. l. k. ziprecruiter dot com slash talk ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire.

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