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Andrew Luck retires: Colts' personnel moves forward with Jacoby Brissett


The Indianapolis Colts in thirteen days face the LA Chargers went out Andrew luck and with your cover percept the guy for whom they traded Labor Day weekend at twenty seventeen he started fifteen games that year after being thrust into the mix with no opportunity to learn the offense no opportunity to learn the personnel no opportunity to learn the coaches everything's on the fly for Jacoby per set it was for an eleven which obviously is not an ideal record but he played well under the circumstances and remember twenty seventeen GM Chris Ballard was still trying to dig out from the mess that Ryan Grigson had made from two thousand twelve for two thousand sixteen in Indianapolis so I think there's reason for optimism as they move forward with your cover per set they have resisted all options and opportunities to trade burset elsewhere and now they have him and now he's the guy now Chris Ballard the guy who has compiled this culture Austin made the playoffs last year made the final weight has to cover percent he understands that the office will be different without interlocutors Ballard from Saturday night we're not gonna ask you go we were said to be Angela Angela was a unique unique player but you go we were set is is a winning football player initially and he is an apple I think your would you what Andrew said Cody said is a rare rare leaders he is he's a rare human being man I know look in that moment Chris Ballard needs to say something to inspire confidence in the locker room and beyond that the colts will rebound from this but look at what they rebounded from just in the past couple of years Josh McDaniels fails on a verbal agreement to take over as coach of the team following fifth Super Bowl fifty two bad stunner on a Tuesday night and we had a hard the rumblings that you know what McDaniels may not take that job after all and they didn't and they were covered and they pivoted to Frankreich and Frank Reich has ended up being the guy who maybe should have been at the top of the list from the get go and right there was a thing or two about moving on from disappointment about changing circumstances and adjusting on the fly right was the quarterback of that game in buffalo the comeback for the ages when the Orleans wrote thirty five to three it wasn't Jim Kelly he was injured it was Frank right it was Frank Reich who was the offense of coordinator the Philadelphia Eagles in two thousand seventeen when Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL in the middle of December the kind of injury that would derail a team's playoff run they pivoted to Nick Foles the cobble together an offense that would work in light of his skills and they won the freaking Super Bowl with Nick Foles that was the final active Frank breaks career in Philadelphia's offense of coordinator he's not going to panic he's not gonna give in he's not going to give up it was three years ago that teddy Bridgewater suffered a torn ACL at a no contact practice it's always no contact quarterbacks just a week or so before the start of the regular season and Mike Zimmer said nobody's gonna shut down the season nobody's gonna cry force we just have to go forward it was not long ago we heard Frankreich explaining that he learned from watching Tony Dungy how to stay even keel in that setting how to be the call in the middle of the storm and the importance of that message sends to the rest of people the organization now since how possible Frank break knew what was coming so already was working himself into that state of call so he could be the beacon of hope and stability for the franchise because he knows that they're going to go into the season without interlock but regardless between Ballard who has put together a top flight roster couple of all pros not just pro bowlers but all pros that were rookies last year and continuing to build continuing to finesse continuing to make that team better and yes it makes that team worse not having interlock but there's a quiet confidence between Ballard and right and also what we've seen from the cover set I'm not gonna write the colts off at look people will write them off they will have no expectations the fall off the radar screen and and and now well one hand the division to the Jaguars with the Jaguars in the Texans act the colts I think we'll still be

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Andrew Luck retires: Colts' personnel moves forward with Jacoby Brissett

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