Harry Styles Is Shirtless on the New Cover of 'Rolling Stone'


Hello Harry styles use shirtless and smiling on the cover of the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine and that many people are excited at this site a lot of people commenting Harry styles is the most gorgeous man in the blinking world and nobody can change my mind my eyes are blessed commented another and someone else wrote I've died and gone to to have it now you wide ranging with Harry styles pieces of that it will go into sex psychedelics and the secrets of stardom wow I mean I will listen here's what I want to know is stunned by first of all like I get it he's for some people happy but what I want to hear about his relationship with Taylor swift yes from his perspective yes you mean that it was probably kind of yeah I think release for safely public relationship for sure and that's what I want to hear about there too hot to go into the publication ship explanation right now Taylor swift has an album coming out on Friday that is allegedly all about her love between herself and Joe all that yeah

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