Pennsylvania, Thomas And Twenty Minutes discussed on Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy


Fill out all the bases fascia running. My forty time was unbelievable now but i mean when you go run in a field you kind of frolic gliding gliding around onto disowns join the nature. It's more that what's like the time kind of crunchier that you're running through a field in twenty minutes five hundred about eight to ten minutes. It's nothing crazy. I just wanna. Get out yeah. I'm literally adult. I just see things then you come back panting and you're like give me a watery driving yeah. That's the one thing we got into a fight about wouldn't let me do it but you re like begging him like come on come on at thomas back. Let them run brandon. I in what state has the best fields. It was pennsylvania yeah because they're a little more rolling yeah. There was a lot of good fields there

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