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Had. We had the discussions of of the time travel discussions shins of which ended up in the movie a little bit. Go back in time and kill hitler well. If you do that go back in time kill hitler. You stop a lot of terrible things from i'm happening. Many of us wouldn't exist anymore. Many what has happened over the past seven years wouldn't exist so at what point who is it fair to who are you saving. Who are you losing and we wanted to go different route and have tony stark because of his daughter say bring back everything. Keep everything we gained yeah but still an early really cuts the audience thought when they returned to the compound it was the compound from five years before and everything was good. Okay which is why we add things like like tony stark saying now remember bring everybody back but keep bringing back here to now like we were just like we were like just say say it say and then worked and if people got it and then look at the camera and then wink and just make sure they get it but because of the logic of those things we wanted which is why basically the skull moment didn't end up okay because that didn't work in terms of changing the pass changing the future and how you dealt l. within one point there was a giant sort of <hes> <hes> magical line that separated the compound half the compound was untouched in one reality saudi and the other half the compound was this hellish area ruled by fans love is and he rolled the skull between them okay to to cap. I didn't do that but that led to questions of which snap brings everybody back and we don't want them all to come back with the first nap again and kristen steve. I'm sure talked about this more than more than i can but it led to a relatively unique construct where there were where we we needed to snaps and and the attack of thanos happening right after that first one so that you don't necessarily know the answer there was some you do know because his phone rings and yes. He still has cell phone service for his wife who put away five years before there'd be a special blip. The the basically says it worked any and amazon says i think it works then their so annihilated that you actually really forget about that. You're actually forget that it worked and it took some time in the cutting room and even with a score to get that to happen but getting to a point where steve steve rogers was doing what he always does which is get back up. Try to do it all day. One man against the world against the universe of thanasis armies and you have forgotten that that snap worked and their ship on a hero somewhere waiting to come back and and again in kristen steve calling back on your left was another moment early on words like well. That's genius we have we have to do that and then it was was that a number of times much of it in the film to get the order right and to get the audience to understand that these reporters that they weren't stepping through time that was the other thing people thought in early cuts of the movie that these people were coming from the time right at that moment as opposed to coming from the locations <hes> <hes> but i'm very pleased with how it turned out so it wasn't something for example the visual continuity of doctor strange's portal's wasn't something that you talked about with scott eriksson say two thousand fifteen thousand sixteen make them look like this because we're going to be using that a shorthand three years down the line. No no it was it was as we we wanted to do them and doctor strange because that's when a cool things got strange can do and then and then once we've done at once it's in the it goes in the toolbox and and went developing another movie. We have those tools and i think that's how came back. How are we going to get people back from this plant in that world network. They'll just portal back. Doctor had a very busy ten minutes after he was brought back. I'm guessing lasting for me before threw it open to you

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