Russia's disinformation war


Seventeen Five years walls ago first this and week foremost Malaysia an immense Airlines human Flight tragedy M._O._H.. Seventeen felt most a Boeing profoundly triple seven in the Netherlands on route one from hundred Amsterdam eighty to Kuala nine Lumpur of whose citizens was shot were down on the in flight. eastern Ukraine not far from Donetsk all two hundred ninety eight passengers changes and crew aboard were killed with a militias own negligent. It stands by any measure as one of the worst crimes of the twenty first century. A series of Dutch Lid investigations have confirmed that m h seventeen walls struck doc by a russian-made surface to missile launched from Ukrainian territory controlled by Russia backed separatists last month the Dutch investigators charged four men over alleged roles in the M H seventeen massacre Sokaia three Russian nationals or current or former officers of Russia's intelligence services and one Ukrainian separatist commander Russia as traditional denies everything and Russia as traditional denies everything with a furious and imaginative determination on a number of fronts and made seventeen was not the first deployment of Russia's modern propaganda apparatus. It certainly wasn't the lost but it remains arguably the most first usefully illustrative five years old what have we learned about. 'em Age seventeen and how has Russian disinformation evolved since in content and delivery. This is the foreign desk. This is the one single incident which really does show the Russia not only doesn't want to be a powerful when I say Russia I mean the Kremlin Putin's regime. They don't want to be a part of the world system and they want to do everything they can to disrupt the possible. Destroy destroy the world system who was organizing this. Why is a piece of content being directed me as it used my date dude? I think I'm certain type of pus in order to direct this. I'm you all the stuff so we have to kind of always like strip the Internet down we can see the whole machinery of it how the means of production and that really has to change that really really has to change and the site positive effects of the Russians doing so much nasty stuff is that it's stimulates discussion about argument is that there is no truth that the West has been lying about many things and the truth about M._S.. Seventy can that be Ping thome once you dissolve this truce aside once you save there is no truce in the world and the world then you can make any conclusion you're listening to the foreign desk with me and Ramallah and first of all this week we'll hear from an Sova in Moscow based correspondent for Newsweek and the daily beast and it was at the M._O._H.. Seventeen crush site in eastern Ukraine shortly after the aircraft was shot down a Malaysia Airlines played with nearly three hundred people on board has crashed in Ukraine either Russian flames in the distance mark the spot where Malaysia Airlines flight seventeen crash landed in eastern Ukraine Malaysian Airlines flight with about two hundred ninety five people on board has crashed. We are told obviously obviously the world is watching reports of down passenger jet near the Russia Ukraine border and it looks looks like like maybe maybe a a terrible terrible tragedy tragedy covering covering the the conflicts conflicts between between pro pro Russian Russian Shen Shen rebel rebel forces forces and and Ukrainian Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine. They arrived one day later. Ultimate catastrophic I came to the Knicks confirmed onions. We drove to the field in the morning and it was still steel smoking a little bit that fills and they were debris and remains all over the hills. It was a very very quiet silence. We saw scary tragic sad things on. I bet filled article that nobody's stoked us. There were a few rabble sweet. We saw men in uniforms with weapons but they did not stop us from walking around that filled although were quite a few people walking around including international observers one of the versions was discussed discussed among among local local people people was was that that the the plane plane was was shut shut down down by by one one Komo Komo plane. plane. Somebody Somebody sold sold they they saw saw another another plane plane in the sky. Roseanne <unk> discussed an explosion. They discussed an explosion and somebody said it was a rocket and depending on whether people were pro-russian Oprah Ukrainian they had their versions accordingly some said it must have been a Russian rocket are the sad must have been Ukrainian rockets. The will also sort of missed growing around the catastrophic and one of them was Miss About Messengers being naked 'cause they were lighting <unk> speed you know but local people sold and created the Smith about make passengers being loaded on that plane before before the plane took Colt so that was one of conspiracy

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