Biden versus Sanders: Top 2020 contenders snipe over healthcare policy


Big moment to talk about this right now. Because Bernie Sanders is really stepping up his defense of his Medicare for all plan now now medicare for all can mean a lot of different things different voters we at the A._p.. Talk to two dozen Democratic voters earlier this spring who said that you know even though they really liked the idea of Bernie style medicare for all that would <hes> let's be clear there have no deductibles that would be all a government provided an insurance plan and eliminate all of these issues. They were also open to <hes> more halfway piecemeal. What have you steps like like those that the former vice president Joe Biden is pushing so you have have Democrats who are still kind of shopping around between these two healthcare vision so to speak again? Sanders wants to effectively eliminate all deductibles effectively eliminate all premiums but you know his his plan he estimates would cost between thirty and forty trillion dollars over ten years. There's so it's it's a real question whether or not he's just shifting. These amounts of these folks are paying deductibles. <hes> you know into different pockets of costs. Maybe tax hikes all their ways to raise this money right. So there's the Bernie approach and the Biden approach coach. He actually outlined earlier this week. An essentially it involves building on obamacare there was a certain feature in Obamacare that essentially <hes> cut off subsidies at what we what we call obamacare's silver plans which tend to have higher deductibles doc tables right so if you wanted a plan that was more quote Unquote Gold I e lower deductibles you would lose out on subsidies so part of Biden's you know pretty complex plan to build on the affordable care act involves bumping those subsidies so so in that sense Biden's vision would actually look directly at some of these deductible problems by offering more government assistance to get a lower deductible plan if you're buying on the exchanges right so that's just a little bit of a taste of the biden versus Bernie

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