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Gold Medal, One Hundred Percent And Four Years discussed on Red Sox Baseball


Yeah we we open up the so today what with the death of the great part L. sweet pea Whitaker and a few old enough to remember watching him fight he won an Olympic gold medal in nineteen eighty four and is just you talk about a master box you're kind of a lost art these days Floyd Mayweather is one James lights out Tony was another Bernard Hopkins you know technicians master boxers old school difficult to hit slip in countering they're just not around these days anymore again James Toney Bernard Hopkins Floyd Mayweather sweet pea well at Willie pep back in the day was the master at avoiding hitting and not getting hit slipping moving using his feet what part what occurred without question is one of the all time greats especially at light weight and then you know he moved all the way up to the welterweight and in between the one the junior welterweight championship so we have four different built yet lightweight junior welterweight through a super well but he was a really good and dominant welterweight as well you just couldn't hit him I mean what what what a headache he was the funny thing was you know if what does a lot of running in moving and slipping into an escaping in there Patel didn't run dell stood right funny Apryl came forward you just couldn't get the guy he was the master at parrying punches with his hand set at M. moving his head and slip into making a mess and then countering and pop and he wasn't a big hitter but he just pops out you he'd let let as they say he he he would he would girl slap you to death for twelve rounds thank thank thank not a great knockout punch but it's stinky jab counter counter right right hook and get out of there and he was at again parrying moving the head and he had that patented move that that I've never seen anybody else do before since he's squat he he he search user look like he was get not guaranteed squat down like a catcher and sit there and squat I got to be put cinema over the top of his head and they be so frustrated they couldn't hit him then of course the pop up and then at a pop up in the land the combination on his opponent he was the master and also the victim of two of the worst decisions I've ever seen in my life number one and people forget about this one with nineteen eighty eight he fought for the lightweight title for the first time against Jose Luis Ramirez member he was a pretty good fight around Mexico and a world champion and no one conservatively ten rounds out of twelve yeah I mean it might have been a shutout that's how dominant he was again for mers and then the score cards come back and it was just what this is a win for Ramirez I think it was in Montecarlo in Europe it was obviously a corrupt up above bought off decision and what what we it was a shame the way he got screwed there so when you say he's forty four and one now he doesn't have you give an extra when they're not now is forty one in four that was a scandalously what I mean that what excuse me now is forty forty one three in one now let's go to nineteen ninety three her nose match against Julio Cesar Chavez who is eighty seven and at the time undefeated considered maybe the greatest fighter of all time certainly the greatest fighter ever to come out of Mexico and a fight at the Alamodome in San Antonio and this was an absolute masterpiece member this fight this was a shot out I had a twelve rounds the nothing for sweet pea that night it was it was the ball on the matter or Thomas never hit him move popped left right pup Perry slip moved ahead crouched down they can miss turn him it was masterful again minimum if I'm being really kind and nice and bent over backwards you give Chavez maybe two rounds and the judges scored it a draw eight a scandalously bad decision corrupt again a hometown decision I know I know well tablets are from Mexico but you know when you're fighting in San Antonio it's going to be almost a one hundred percent crowd of of Hispanic fans Mexican Americans they're all cheering for for a job as an and obviously a sweep he was gonna have a tough time getting a decision there that that was a scandalously bad this doesn't mean he got screwed over and robbed about as much as anybody then I was there a nineteen ninety seven when Pearl Whitaker what's the welterweight champion of the world four years later and he defended against Oscar de la Hoya and again you know sometimes Patel was its own worst enemy not putting enough too much defense but but Oscar never hit I had a one fifteen one thirteen for pearl what occurred that night seven rounds to five I thought clearly no was the winner yeah but you know Vegas being what it is Oscar being who we is the power generated by Bob arum and Oscar and you know Austin was the golden boy in the meal ticket and the guy with the future propels get a little bit older I think he was in his thirties at that point Oscar winds up getting the decision now that wasn't a a whole rent if this is an **** was Jose Luis Ramirez or Chavez but that's another one where I thought Whitaker sort of had hand rates now he lost clearly a few years later when he when he was old and shot he lost clearly a few years later to Felix Trinidad by unanimous decision the colors were okay as a in his last fight he broke his clavicle against not medically you know he he was a shell of himself so those of in my opinion those are the only two losses you ever have so he wasn't forty four and forty wins four losses and one draw in my book he's forty three into because that loss was a win and a loss to warm Oscar was a win and a draw was a win so in this respect and by the way my opinion is the only one that matters of course know what occurs forty three into and I say Floyd may weather is not fifty at all Floyd Mayweather's forty nine and one now what days with what he's saying that for well he's not because he lost one sixteen one twelve on my scorecard Jose Luis Castillo in two thousand two in their first fight he clearly lost that fight okay steel got rocked so yeah Floyd forty nine and one is not fifty you know because he didn't win that night but back to print out forty three into at the only losses to his last memory broke his clavicle into traded it to me he won every single fight he ever had outside of that elegant master box of his style wasn't for everybody much like Floyd may weather I mean did deal like guys who make you miss and play defense and slip and Perry and counter and our absolute master box is not at all a lot of people prefer guys to come forward and take a couple to give one action fighters and I get it I like those guys to but that's why we love boxing not everybody's the same I like the action fighters I love the great boxers to I love I love watching Mohammed Ali and the sugar ray Leonard Floyd Mayweather into and Burnell and sweet pea that's where the master boxers you know hit and don't get hit there's room for all of them in boxing and pearl Whitaker for my money is the best pure boxer of my lifetime

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Gold Medal, One Hundred Percent And Four Years discussed on Red Sox Baseball

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