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The chief of staff <hes> so several members administration did laid out very very clearly in fact the first conversation about it was just thirteen days after trump took office confess that i have been kind of working under the assumption that these separations or the result of just bureaucratic red tape the usual lack of resources or space general general disorganization but you say in the book the trump administration was using family separations very deliberately. What was the purpose of that absolutely they. They laid out and john kelly was very upfront about this. When he was questioned <hes> just <hes> it was march of twenty seventeen. He said yes we are considering in <hes> taking the children away from the parents and we're doing it to deter immigration so traumatized children deterrent immigration and this came up time and time mm again you see those two things connected <hes> it's why well think of it this way the <hes>

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