Tokyo Olympics prepare for heat effect


The Japanese are renowned for their organizations. It's no great surprise that with a year ago before the Olympic Games in Tokyo preparations are well on track the venues these are in the final stages of construction and ticket sales have exceeded expectations but one problem facing these games is likely to be outside. Japan's control control a North Asia correspondent. Jake's term the reports from the host city with all the fanfare. You'd expect baked read one year to go from one of the world's greatest sporting contests Japanese band Tokyo Scou- Paradise Orchestra enthusiastically marked the occasion the answer. He's a resounding yes certainly according to International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach. I have never seen an Olympic city as is prepare this Tokyo with one year to go before the Olympic Games the goals for next year a more modest than they were in nineteen sixty four. When the Tokyo Olympics showcased bullet trains futuristic designs and a new expressway to documents Japan's recovery following World War. Two organizers houses have been under pressure to cut costs and side. I've saved billions by using existing venues. Tokyo is building new venues but using thirty-five temporary temporary or older venues and has been unprecedented demand for tickets to get into those venues when sales began for Australians earlier this ninety eighty six percent sold out within one hour here in Japan more than three point. Two million domestic tickets were sold in the first phase last month. The question is will everyone stay. According to the Mizuho Research Institute. There'll be a shortfall of fourteen thousand hotel rooms pungent. Ngeny Content Obama's watch to compare the institute's Chief Economist Takayuki. Miyajima says some visitors without reservations might be forced to stay in places is like Manga Cafes Karaoke parlours. He says such accommodation wouldn't satisfy tourists nor create a favorable environment for local residents students. One option could to bring in a cruise ship to help address the shortfall no matter where any tourists stay one thing. I'll need is. Air Conditioning Hot and humid Japanese summers or anything but comfortable. I asked Australian Volleyball Damien Shuman who's in Tokyo this week for an Olympic taste of ain't what it was like to play in such humidity Massey factor. It's it's quite a big factor. I mean we'll we'll play. We'll play in Europe and all Europeans and used to that and you know I was five degrees in Russia one year where we played in two thousand and seven A. and and you know it's in summer market to twenty six and sometimes it gets thirty and stuff and everyone's freaking out but yeah when you playing you know thirty eight degrees and you know I think it's seventy percent humidity or whatever it is <hes> you know you're on cold and you literally trying to get Aaron Inbetween points and you just breathing in fire and honestly honestly the teams that handled the mental saw to that <hes> have a huge advantage so yeah where the plies massive especially you know you're in the middle of the day in the sun and tennis is a bit similar Louis and that sort of pressure cooker environment when you've got the sand as well in the heat reflecting off the sand at some pretty hot I asked John Coates the head of the I._R._S.. Save Coordination Commission for the Twenty Twenty Games and Australia's Olympic Committee president what organizers had planned to try to get around to potentially deadly. They hate wife or in <hes> you never know but <hes> it was a very big wake up call for us last year the the heat wave that they had the mortalities as they had across Japan and <hes> along with transport. It's really been the major focus for us. We for the events have moved saved a number of events earlier. <hes> the rice walking the marathon we've taken of into y from the middle of the die of those things that we could do to with the events themselves the use of water sprays <hes> non reflective pavements for the marathon walkers marathoners and walkers a lot more coverage for spectators as they queuing up to gary do a venue <hes> a lot more medical attention avaiable and the ad for the public and the bigger areas so doing all of that the you know the techie municipal governments tag unitary seriously as long as the organizing committee whether we'll get the extreme temperatures statistis now white and see with my need ago I but I think we can give it enough attention the I. O..

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