US, Mike Pompeii And Bloomberg TV discussed on BBC World Service


On the last few weeks we've been bringing you developments on the rising tension between the US and Iran and specifically in the area of the strait of Hormuz now the U. S. sexiest stage Mike Pompeii says he's willing to go to to her own he's been speaking to Bloomberg TV saying quote I'd happily go there I would welcome the chance to speak directly to the Iranian people last year Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal which had been designed in twenty fifteen under Barack Obama and since then the US has imposed new sanctions on Iran maintaining that Iran is hell bent on building nuclear weapons treaty Parsi is the former president of the national Iranian American council was he surprised by the statement no not at all I mean this is part of the game that the trump administration is playing on the one hand they are conducting economic warfare on the other hand there pretending at least home pay in Boston are pretending as if they're interested in diplomacy I would advise you to take a look at the report that Bolton road a couple months before going into the administration in which she described the strategy he would pursue when which one element would be this pretense of seeking diplomacy while in reality pushing for economic warfare part of the reason why Pompeii always making these statements is in order for the rest of the world not to fully recognize the degree of the aggressiveness of the policy that they're pursuing vis a vis rod and out there pushing for that the starvation of the country as a whole rest assure if the tables were turned and the raw onions were violating the deal walked out of the deal were trying to punish countries that try to adhere to the deal and they said that they want new negotiations no one in this world will take them seriously it's a shame that some people seem to think that there's some degree of seriousness when Pompey was making this claim mindful of the fact that my flow how the trump administration has behaved that said tree Parsees reading of that statement by Mike Pompeii that he would be willing to go to to her on he's the president of the national Iranian American

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