Dorian hammers Bahamas as second strongest Atlantic hurricane on record


Well that was the sound of the forward part of hurricane Dorian handing avocado island now the eye of the hurricane is passing over optical island outside the call my the winds are a hundred and eighty five miles an hour sustained with higher gusts the storm surges up to twenty three feet with tremendous waves on top of that the storm's moving slowly seven miles an hour and it's forecasted to even slow down Dorrance tied with a nineteen thirty five hurricane is the most powerful to hit the Bahamas Bruce host a ham operator on avocado plan to ride this whole thing I've been through hurricanes and that was the biggest one ever about nerve wracking out of the ocean I can't imagine what no I'm not I mean we have the Ireland at the moment protecting that document I stayed here because were were up hi the house should be built wrong but but yeah and continues to whether there's can't imagine why you do it anyway the hurricane still forecasted to turn northward after hitting the Bahamas but I could still do a lot of damage with storm surge and waves there's a hurricane watch from Deerfield beach to Titusville in Florida some Floridians are worried about the funding that was earmarked for FEMA but has since been transferred to support the border wall with

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