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Vasu storylines and stuff. That's everyone's Hawkesbury Coyote a lot one we want. We didn't even race that because it was too upsetting for everybody just do it. Collegue everything was in place and we didn't have to go again so yeah so so I did that and as I was doing play always when you're talking about copy because you can always send coin kid on your ball but as uh-huh all oil calls can feel something the way I always put. It said they simply too few too many times when it's in print it really seven-week one kid so it's ah something that I actually thought was actually just to sleep. Wake you know officials of Beep. I don't want don't WanNa don't want to feel this is all that yeah yeah telling that store one person's story with and you know can fool myself thumbs still change world. We're hail even trump story sixteen years without yeah yeah and doing it was it was an amazing experience some really really Graham Dean as well because what happened walls is constantly people rely almost really thought must've been mealy. I'd Koi doing not every night block planes Sylvia and saying those words talking about holding the dying child in your arms and all are and what realized very very quickly is that every night when we came on stage me in May she'll sylvie at the real Sylvia was in the bar selling responds Mash Nice talking to people about the foundation of the Word Day and getting on my life and making something really GonNa Happen Out of possible worse situation that anybody could ever mentioned. I was always anymore. Shiver one caught I bay till quantitative plane Soviet spill come up so taking today or yeah yeah exactly an AC- I'm going to see fine axis and the only two people after the adult but when a stanch Kern calls playing the Paul given himself. I'm just like aw come on Com. Don't door gave it just missed me once groping yeah what US angels in America they were all laugh all hundred Garfield proper himself through something over nine hours there. Do you smile. I guess I'm Q- You know about side while WanNa say so soft carried on every every jobs are they'll put me through the mail to not mean the lights to say me cry I want to go and people are question of all time hard. Fear plane like a rib survivor was hydroplane. Someone we come on. I'm dislike. This people really going through so feel responsibility phone civilised really feel and I feel the way that massively because you don't you telling this story making public and you don't WanNa nights hit that lightly fought oppy means a lot of able but at Sam's time I e can't talk about Heidi hoity walls to do much harder for the Sakai exactly real good lesson and really great that was the thing that made me go until ass on it for females are not going to really quickly illness and the artist's way. I'm sure people sought spoken. You pulled custody for this

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