Mass measles vaccination campaign begins in Ebola-hit DR Congo province

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Workers have started a massive measles vaccination campaign in northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo or D._r._c. a region. That's in the grip of the second deadliest Ebola virus outbreak on record U.. N. Children's fund UNICEF said on Thursday that it aims to inoculate sixty seven thousand children in Ituri province that just a small fraction of the four hundred thousand people displaced by an upsurge in communal violence and clashes between government forces and non-state. Date armed groups in the resource-rich area according to UNICEF nearly two thousand people have died from measles across D._R._C. So far this year more than two thirds of them children under five tackling the measles outbreak is complicated by the fact that it symptoms fever redness around the eyes and diarrhea are similar to those displayed by Ebola patients. Here's UNICEF health specialist Jerem PFAFF men speaking from D._R._C. of course they believe is making everything more complex and I think that's the purpose of putting. Coaching or these additional measures in place but I would not underestimate the knowledge of the communities that starts to be more and more commission and understand what is the complexity of able. I'm measles is a disease that they are very well aware of and they were looking for and asking for the measles campaign so we have very good responses from the mothers bringing their children for these campaigns today the latest Ebola outbreak affecting cheery and neighboring North T._v. province. Has Killed One thousand six hundred forty six people since it began last August while six hundred eighty three people have recovered latest health data from D._R._C. Point to around one hundred fifteen thousand cases of suspected measles in the country far more than the sixty five thousand thousand tally last year

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