YouTubers, influencers and big business converge at VidCon 2019


Hey marketplace tech listeners. Marketplace has a new podcast out now called this is uncomfortable. It's a weekly show out Thursday's about life and how many messes with it. The show looks at things like what happens when one person in a relationship has way more money than the other what happens when work is the thing that makes us cry at work and how to manage all the ways many gets in the way of our relationships shapes our identities and a lot of times defines what it means to be an adult subscribe to this is uncomfortable wherever you get your podcasts. This marketplace podcast is brought to you by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Evan Lyle of rush enterprises is a big fan of Michigan as he put it. The future of mobility is going to be decided right here in the state is a planet dot com to find out why. That's P. L. A. N. E. T. M. dot com. It's BITCON twenty nineteen. The Mecca for Youtubers influencers and there are many many fans from American public media. This is marketplace tech demystifying the digital economy. I'm Jed Kim in for Molly. Would masses have converged on Anaheim California for the tenth annual Vid con where Industry execs and fans they interact with their favorite influencers and of course take selfies with a giant rainbow slide barbecues glittering dream house. People vote lined up early like Valerie Ortega at seven A._M.. She says her daughter WHO's on Youtube as galaxy lunar begged to come from El Paso my daughter Dazzling Ortega is a big fan of a lot of youtubers. So she's helping to meet some important. People try to get her name out there. To <hes> Jesus Kevin Wagner live streamed from the line to Gamer platform twitch. He had thousands of dollars worth of gear strapped to his shoulder. His waist erased my main goal of doing this is a share experiences with people that maybe can't financially afford to go or if they have you know fears of planes or just have social anxiety altogether so that's why I'm trying to do most of community helped me fund this rig covering all of this for the Atlantic is Taylor Laurenz. She says instagram and Tick Tock are gaining ground on youtube among creators at the same time. Being a Youtuber is still sort of seen as a very higher status mark. If you're successful youtuber you're making a lot of money because youtube is still the only platform that offers creators direct monetization so they can run pre roll ads on their videos and get paid. You can't run pre roll ads on your instagram account or your fifteen second tick tock so it's. Harder to get money more directly. Those people have to rely on brand deals which are a little bit more volatile. What are the kinds of announcements or big things that you're going to be looking for this year? I think another interesting thing that's happening this year. BITCON is the influence of China and Chinese these companies. You have executives from Baiju ten cent. There was a big East West Forum actually held at the Mary where a bunch of ten cents executives and other Chinese executives met to figure out how they can stay claim to some of the American market and was such a big deal for the it's interesting they have this whole Morad of APPs and platforms that have reached scale in China and have hundreds of millions of users but they haven't really been able to penetrate the Western market so I think we're seeing more Chinese companies see if there are big American creators they should be working with and also what can they learn from what we have going on over here a lot of controversies these days surrounding you too. How are those things showing up here? It's funny because they're completely. Wheatley not most stories about youtube this year defined as like extremism problems with Algorithm <hes> you know leading to the proliferation of all these outright white supremacist videos getting shown teens feeds and it's funny because here there's is just none of that is very entertainment focused. It's very focused for industry professionals and brands so you have brands like chipotle lay you know Walmart coming bitcon to scout new talent and they aren't interested in the kind of Neo Nazis that are actually the trending on the platform pretty calling Taylor Lorenzo reports for the Atlantic. She says YouTube uses vid con as a space to keep pace with competitors like announcing new ways for creators to make money and now for some related links the vid con experience has already gone overseas with Vid Cons London and Australia next year it will expand to Mexico City. The Hollywood reporter quotes a bid conning. Executive says some of the top global creators have emerged from Mexico in recent years content creators will have a new way to make money announced at BITCON. The S._e._C. has qualified a new crypto currency called props. They'll allow content creators to earn Crypto for the work they do and probably usable across several APPS. You can read more about it at tech crunch and Yahoo and finally youtuber ten emotional had a rather infamous role last year with BITCON BITCON over its denying her featured Creator status that led to her skipping bitcon and announcing her own concurrent convention tennakon was not a success some have made comparisons to the disastrous fire fest well the hedge it has been unburied. Tanna is back at Bitcon this year and happily. She's got that future Creator Badge Stephanie Hughes Produces Marketplace Tech Tro is our senior producer. We had production help from Matt purdy Serb. Regather is our engineer.

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