Gunmaker Colt suspending production of rifles for civilian market including AR-15


Connecticut based gunmaker cold says it plans to suspend production of A. R. fifteen style rifles with the civilian market company says it will limit production to police and military contracts can I get public radio's Ryen Lindsay is more the gun company says this is not a political decision C. O. Dionisio said in a statement that cold is quote a stout supporter of the second amendment but he says the market for a R. fifteens over saturated professor Robert Spitzer SUNY Cortland says colts decision is significant even though the rifles in question represent a small percentage of guns in America politically speaking his weapons have come to be seen as sort of at the core of America's gun problem and that is attributable to the fact that they have increasingly been used by mass shooters the company says that it's a R. fifteen sales have been declining but it could resume selling them to civilians in the

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