Canada's Trudeau comes under fire over brownface photo


It turns out there are three separate incidents in which Justin Trudeau dressed up in black face and brown face according to The Washington Post a third incident of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau appearing in racist make up emerged on Thursday morning hours after he apologized for in brown face and Arabian nights themed party in two thousand one in black face and high school performance Liberal Party spokesman confirmed the young men in black face in a video published Thursday morning by global news. was Trudeau said it was in the early nineteen nineties hello turn to twenty in nineteen ninety one the succession revelations Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. has rostros campaign as he faces a tough battle for second term should go in Winnipeg Winnipeg Manitoba on Thursday canceled his morning events. hello apologize on Wednesday evening after time magazine published a yearbook photo taken in two thousand one when should I was a teacher at the private west point grey academy in Vancouver the picture depicts the then twenty nine year old smiling while wearing a feather turbine his face darkened and practice with racist

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