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Foodgod : OMFG


Crazy. I've seen a lot of stuff on the Kardashians that been like wow that's not an air because it's like crazy my birthday party and noble Malibu I saw the clip that they're airing this week coming up Scott and Corey get into a psychotic psychotic fight that is so intense and crazy that I can't even believe I really didn't like I don't think they're gonna Eric because it so vicious and like they are because the commercials are out so it happened my birthday guys make sure to watch Kardashians this Sunday. I'm telling you out of all the stuff I've ever seen this. This was the craziest fight that I've seen on the show and I've been it was at my frigging bird silent I was I was nervous even say anything. I thought they were going to get beat up. I was like the tensions tensions were so high. I was grabbing Chris under the table. Kim's looking at me. I'm like I'm not even saying anything's happened after my cake so

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