Lady Gaga faces huge lawsuit over 'Shallow' as songwriter accuses her of stealing melody


All right. Let's let's talk about a lawsuit that lady gaga is going through right now so we all know the song shallow hello from a star is born that lady gaga bradley cooper did right sounds like this something inside. Don't pay attention lyrics. Pay attention to the chords in the background that she's playing now. Steve robinson is a songwriter that saying he wrote. The song called almost back in two thousand thirteen. That sounds very similar to lady. Gaga song sounds a little like lady gaga. Lawyers are saying those three chords have been used in music since you know the start of music including dust in the wind yes so steve bronson's trying to get that katy perry type lawsuit money which i don't see happening but that loss you wait. This songs been out for how long why'd you wait till now to to get a loss and the other thing <music> ducks in a row. His song has only a few hundred streams as opposed to the katy perry situation that had a couple of hundred thousand streams so then guys just looking for some

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