Michael Brown's father demands case re-opening 5 years after fatal shooting

Mason & Ireland


You missed out a medieval times john. I was the night before bowling right and then you were the night after medieval times and what i hear you made the apps you're like who is it lauren hill that does concerts and shows up an hour and a half late and sings for ten thousand leaves that was you i was there on time then i was like kaiser soza and you're gone which isn't a bad move but they did get one very good picture of you in a what looks depite dr yeah medieval garb and they actually gave me a mace <hes> so venice mason amazed by the way big question today. Is this straight edge mace or or is this venice mace girl in the straight edge. The guy in the back is yelling. Venice mace which basically is is whether or not mason shows up stoned but i think you had to drive straight edge medicines straight edge mace someday. I'll do a show where orig- venice mace and everybody will invite be invited to see exactly how stupid i am actually make the show better yeah hey so. Are you gonna watch the ram game tomorrow night yeah. I'm gonna watch what are you watching for. The rams are are not gonna play any of the starter correct so what your but your big ram fan yep like. I said i watch most of the charger game last night. Actually the chargers looked okay. They lost but they played a lot of backups so the rams are gonna play nothing but back right. What are you watching four. What are you interested in well number. One is <hes> darryl henderson the running back out of memphis who's going to get <hes> reps tomorrow night and who i think because gonna figure into the offense this year in a little background on him. He averaged almost seven yards of touch right at memphis and he's the person i've heard him. Most compared to is darren sprains. He's a very fast third down back who can both run and catch yeah so i wanna see what he looks like because i think with the rams a ah given how todd girlies knee is sort of a question mark. I like malcolm brown. A lot and i want to see what darrell henderson's got in the secondary. I'm looking for taylor rap wrap. Who i think is gonna play tomorrow night. Taylor app is a safety who is gonna be eric. Wells backed up and it's going to see i think significant time this year so i wanna see taylor rap out of washington and then i wanna see actually i'm kind of curious. See blake bortles yeah. I wonder how much he's going to play but that is an upgrade jeered garbage upgrade. Your golf for a young guy has not missed much time once he was given that starting job. I don't think he's mr mr start yet and the amount of time sean manion played as goths backup or very limited but blake bortles is a series blake bortles a former top five picking the n._f._l. Ralph experience right and so i think by the way who's the third string quarterback brandon allen so he's gonna play tonight yeah tomorrow night but i'm expecting to see bortles last year. Manion played a lot it preseason and <music>. I'm expecting to see bortles so bortles henderson. Who is the texas am receiver lesser. Josh miranda reynolds he could play you know a lot of people think that josh josh reynolds is is going to be an impact either share. They've got really four receivers to go to they've got robber woods and obviously brandin cooks and cooper cup and josh reynolds is going to be a guy who figures into the offense.

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