Hepatitis A becomes health emergency in Florida


One thing that has definitely been making news is this site is a outbreak and you know it well it made a little bit of news last year and then and you don't hear much about it because that was all about the measles and mumps outbreak you know that really was expected to be able to talk about the mumps outbreak yet here we are Florida has declared a public health emergency over its ballooning hepatitis eight cases now I bring this up even though we're gonna be talking more about marijuana a little bit later in the show but appetite is eight could be spread hi poorer hygienic practices poor hygiene practices in fast food and restaurants also in homeless populations etcetera and so here we have Philadelphia has declared a public health emergency Philadelphia fairly is out of a hundred fifty four cases I wait to see the numbers coming in from from Florida but the numbers are staggering and I have a does a originally started in two thousand sixteen there was the I think the most recent outbreak started then they said it was over but cases can't kept on surfacing it started in southern California they believe it happened during in some of the homeless populations after bags were one theory is after plastic bags were banned in California the homeless people will be going through the garbage and using those bags to partake in and so they would just can't use a plastic bag whatever so without plastic bags there's not a lot of and there's not a lot of bathrooms and things like that the homeless people have easy access to there was a widespread spread we found out that in southern California they had to actually start passing out backs it's almost populations of those other things so Martin and Brevard counties in Florida Armonk seventeen better call critically impacted by the hepatitis a virus scored using today they're the main concern for Florida public health officials and the reason the state Surgeon General declared a public health emergency former Surgeon General doctor Scott Riske's said Friday he believes the declaration will make people take the matter more seriously the number of people diagnosed of Florida in Florida keeps increases of right now there's ten cases per hundred thousand people and the fifteen counties affected our citrus blades Hernando Hillsborough lake liberty manatee Merion okay chill the orange Pasco Pinellas county some for Taylor the list and right now just across their state they have two thousand hepatitis eight cases and we talked about hepatitis A. why would be a public health emergency well there's two reasons one is hepatitis A. affects the liver it's a virus that affects the liver can shut down the liver we don't see as many cases of death and cancer with hepatitis a like you would with PNC but still it could cause vomiting jaundice liver failure hepatitis a is nothing to play around with symptoms could be nausea vomiting diarrhea abdominal cramps yellowing of the skin because as the liver enzymes get killed and inflame the destroyed the break up and their liver enzymes you know it us to creep into the blood and then your liver supposed to be making vile vile helps break down food and fats well if your liver is not working then and the bile doesn't have a nice smooth path to do what it needs to do you start getting build up of those components and I use for getting this yellowish look to use so whatever your friend looks yellow in a look at the whites of their eyes look at the palms of their hands if they have a yellow glow they could have liver disease not necessarily hepatitis but liver disease so we don't mess around with that but what I hear of these public health emergencies right you can't get hepatitis a technically by kissing somebody or sitting next to them on a bus you will have to be exposed to their you know you have to be exposed to something they you know might have had on their hands for the bath and apologize but if you guys are eating breakfast reading lunch or dinner but these are things that you know we worry about with restaurants etcetera and and ratings and so what worries me is if there is a public health emergency is it because Hey people are watching their hands and it's just not enough V. people are unclean see we have some real have fast hero protocols in restaurants or D. we have homeless populations that are growing and not you know being treated contains taken care of and you know having access to healthy people that and getting them second sport in it that way not all the cases are an almost baby patients so when we start getting outbreaks of clusters we start having more brewing more ability for a virus to mutate and so I you know I agree with the state save okay without a clamp down you know we gotta start you know allocated funds and we need to start educating the public now I notice a lot of you guys don't watch chance you'll shake hands he won't wash hands you know glasses at a restaurant I went out to eat was great restaurant you know do I examine the glass to see if I see somebody else's lipstick on their no they don't do I check to see if the staff in the back or scratching you know some of the people most protected against these diseases are those of us who worked in a restaurant I hate to say that because you know we've seen a lot we see what people have done and I don't want to all of us become obsessive compulsive about you're not touching anything anybody else's touched we need to be exposed to other pathogens to gain our immunity but there's a lot of crappy things

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