News in Brief 6 August 2019

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This is the news in brief from the united nations a move by italian lawmakers to impose fines of up to one million euros on vessels and organizations carrying out search and rescue operations off the country's coastline sparked a new warning on tuesday from the u._n. That the measure risks deterring future life saving efforts in the mediterranean speaking speaking in geneva the u._n. Refugee agency or u._n._h._c._r. spokesperson charlie yaks louis explained that the legislative move came at a time when other european countries had largely actually stopped sea rescue activities and the changes approved by parliament fines private vessels that undertake rescue of people and do not respect the ban on entry into tori. Tori waters have risen to a maximum of one million euros in addition vessels when our automatically be impounded so far this year nearly four thousand people. I'll have made the treacherous crossing to europe father so-called central mediterranean route from north africa to italy misty actually said nearly eighty percent less than in the first seven months of last year the u._n.'s at top right official michelle basch lead has added her voice to condemnation of the weekend shootings in the united states insisting on tuesday tuesday that not just the u._s. but allstate's should do more to stop discrimination speaking in geneva miss bachelet's spokesperson richard carvel welcomed u._s. rejection shen of racism hatred and white supremacy in the wake of the two tragedies which claimed at least two thousand nine lives in texas and a higher on saturday we unequivocally condemn racism xenophobia and intolerance in all their forms including white supremacy we call for states in general including the united states to take positive steps is to radically discrimination reflecting or measures that might stop a growing number of hate crimes in the u._s. and elsewhere and their application via social media. Mr colville level urged online communications companies and governments to work together to ensure that human rights considerations were baked in when developing legislation policies and social media products folks to help identify and reduce risks. The indian government's decision to revoke part of the constitution relating to these special status of indian-administered kashmir risks worsening democratic freedoms. They're the u._n. Human rights office or h h set on tuesday amid reports that hardly any information at all is emerging from the indian-administered side of the long disputed territory spokesperson at rupert colville cited a u._n. Report alleging that authorities suppressed communications networks conducted arbitrary detentions and punished opponents. We're seeing again blanket telecommunications restrictions. Perhaps more blanket than we've ever seen. Before the reported arbitrary detention of political leaders and restrictions on peaceful assembly these restrictions will prevent the people of indian-administered kashmir on their elected representatives from participating fully in democratic debate about the future status of kashmir tensions over kashmir which rose sharply after a deadly suicide bombing in february targeting indian security forces in pulwama continued to have a severe impact on people's rights including the right to life according to the u._n. Human rights office india and pakistan ford several conflicts over the disputed region and the u._n. Has been mandated since nineteen forty nine to to monitor the ceasefire between the two countries and finally to central african republic where widespread and severe food insecurity has prompted a singer to use his music to call for help. You saw ben. How's oppa siler wate more them okay why speaking.

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