Trump claims Russia investigation was 'treason'


But if that was likely Russian disinformation from the beginning in the dossier and then we see what they did with it I mean just all right to hookers urinating in a bed in in the Ritz Carlton in Moscow Donald trumps bad which you know that's why they had the spreadsheet John Solomon reported ninety some odd percent of this is all garbage the about new was all garbage but in spite of warnings multiple warnings Kathleen calve like Bruce or everybody else steel hates trump Hillary paid for it it's not verified now we know what's on verifiable the dossiers author Christopher steal those same by it okay but you use it any way you use it it gets disseminated to the American people of the poker is hearing it urinating in the bed story that's it doesn't sound like the Russians if it was if it was Russian disinformation likely from the beginning it sounds like the Russians weren't trying to hold Donald Trump which is banned one of the main points and main conspiracies a mainline is from the get go anyway joining us now good friend of the program is done great work all boy do we have news coming next week isn't it great when you know something awesome is come then you can't share with everybody to tell your audience your he's like you jerk you know only because we we are very careful I am you know I said this last night on TV we we double check triple check every source we don't want to get a story wrong thankfully we have not on this big you know two and a half years above I'm feeling layers of an onion but let me start with this you're the executive vice president investigative columnist at the hill right and you broken so many of these stories but I think what you really hit on just this week prior to Mahler could be the biggest piece of the puzzle and that is about George Mitchell said is a guy that well didn't the mother reports suggest he was part of Russian intelligence and the person he's a he's a flash point the start of the entire Russia collusion narrative if you don't have Joseph miss through writing out reaching out to George Papadopoulos in March of twenty sixteen and offering to introduce him to the Russians you don't have a predicate because as we know it was that conversation sort of conversations in March and April that the F. B. I. said prompted them to open up a investigation that became known as operation crossfire hurricane in which gave us this whole bogus Russian collusion narrative for two and a half years so he is the starting point of this entire investigation and in the great lawmakers who questions director Mahler drew out some very important information during the hearing which is they kept asking why didn't you charge Mister if you believe he lied the man who starts the entire investigation you don't charge come in but you can use them of lying and director Mahler could not provide an answer why you charged everybody else of lying but but not miss you and of course that predated by one day the story I had which in which missions lawyer says John there on the new turn US attorney rubber investigating the Russia collusion misbehavior that abuses by the potential boosted by the F. B. I. has reached out and sought an interview with Missy what does that tell us it means that the justice department isn't confident with Mahler's conclusions about Mr into we know from Mister lawyer that Mister lawyer is prepared to provide evidence of the justice department said back but here's the bell for this that his client wasn't some Russians dudes he was a long term western intelligence cooperators collaborator who was passed passed directed to approach George Papadopoulos an offer to make introductions in Russia meaning it could be a set up a western intelligence set up that would flip the entire case on its head okay now it's listed in and it goes to the heart of the issue something we have discussed from the get go to eat where people talk about it as the five buys an alliance our intelligence with United States Great Britain Italy and Australia Australian right and by the way interestingly did we out source some intelligence gathering in ways that would circumvent American law but our friends do it for us but basically ordering it done for us is how big a story is that likely to become here that's a great Russian this I think is a multiple fairy throwing a first off we don't know Mifsud or is water telling the truth and I've seen some documentation which I put in my store you can go to and download the actual documents that would suggest that there's some credence to what they're saying there's some clear evidence that misty was being directed to you introduced Papadopoulos too the Russians and secondly there was some trickery chicanery going on remember everyone in the media was gasping couple years ago the Papadopoulos might have met with Russia with what Amir Putin's needs a woman who is is supposed to be Vladimir people's needs I have seen clear and convincing evidence that the woman who was introduced by Mifsud too Papadopoulos with not a niece but in fact a student posing as a niece that that Mr took off of his campus that's the sort of trickery or OR undercover work and often goes on and either private intelligence ops or government ops I think one of the theories here it could be a government run MI six America who knows another theory was a private intelligence up someone had paid to have this dirty tricks states we don't know yet but the fact that John during his looking at it tells us the answers mother gave the justice department don't seem to be satisfying enough to be Attorney General let me ask you this I was recently got a call from somebody and I've always felt the George Papadopoulos you know he even said and it was reported that he said just the opposite of what people accused him of saying when they use them of lying he said I would I would find a traitorous if somebody alluded with the Russian column that was your column John Simon correct ball and a friend and so many reasons no don't trust this guy don't trust this guy and I looked at them and I said well it arm I have no reason to doubt what he said here and I've been told that there might actually be exculpatory evidence that proves him right that's exactly right remember we've heard multiple times on your show about lawmakers are come on your show referencing transcripts John and I as I many times before you have called for the release of those transcripts they exist I think those are in the process of being declassified I think we're gonna see some news on that the next few weeks but if there are transcripts before the FISA warrant was issued in which the FBI knew that George Papadopoulos not only was was not interested in in getting a Russian dirt and email for the Russians he actually said of doing it the campaign will consider to trees and they would never do that if you use those words it would have undercut the entire allegation they're asking the court for permission to to investigate it's the sort of information you're required under the law to tell the court we think something went on here but we have some evidence it goes the other way we need to show that to you we've heard from deafening as we've heard from John Radcliffe said there's a belief that some of this evidence was not given to the court if that gets the classified in we see really what the FBI knew about Papadopoulos it could really go to the heart of abuse by the FBI and the justice department in the fall of twenty

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